Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Safest City in California

Congratulations Mission Viejo, you were ranked the safest city in the grand state of California.
You are again the safest city in Orange County, CA.
The Shops at Mission Viejo, which is our towns mall, was found to be the safest mall in Orange County.
In 2009, The Shops at Mission Viejo only had one stinking car break in and no car thefts.
Mission Viejo was ranked 4th safest city in the country this year!
It was recognized as America's safest city in 2007.
The City was named 2nd safest city in the nation in 2008.
I'd say that I'm pretty blessed to have grown up and lived many of my adult years in this great town!
Big thanks go out to my mom and dad to moving us there from Pittsburgh, PA when I was 5!!!!
*rankings based on FBI crime data, based on population


  1. Has it stopped raining in Cali yet? It's been so glum in AZ with all that crappy weather drifting our way! :(

  2. i used to live in simi valley...which was the safest city for the LONGEST time. guess it is moving down in ranks :(


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