Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Is It More Like a Mop or a Bowl?

Somewhere between a mop and bowl lies the description on Bryan's current hair-do.
Several months ago I blogged about how Bryan had decided not to get a hair cut.
Almost a boycot of sorts.
Well, being that he hasn't had a hair cut since August his hair is out of control these days.
My hubby is so freaking hot, but with this new hair of his... all I see is a cross between a mop and a bowl on top of his head.
He wears the same hat everyday because (a)his hair is so huge that none of his hats fit his head anymore, and (b)because he hates his hair-do.
I'm SO over the blue SD Padres hat.
I'm over him not letting me take pictures of him.
I'm over him complaining about his hair.
I'm over him getting compared to Justin Beiber. WTF?! That kid's like 16!
My wish for 2011 is that Bryan gets a hair cut!!!!
Oh please.... please........ pleeeeeease give me my hottie hubby with west coast hair back!


  1. Oh gosh I think that would really get to me after a while! Enough is enough! I hope he cuts it soon, for your sake!

  2. He looks fab in your wedding photo can't you just show him a pic of him then and how awesome his hair looked? LOL


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