Monday, February 28, 2011

eeeek, spring is here!

Say hello to spring

These California kids are experiencing the transistion out of winter for the first time.

It's beautiful!

Spring's my favorite season and I'm welcoming it with open arms...

tulips say "i'm sorry"

Sometimes he messes up.
Sometimes I do.
This time is was my husband and I benefited from it...
my favorite, yellow tulips!
All is forgiven.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

mad shout out

Wow, playing catch up on all of our wedding stuff was a daunting task and I'm kind of exhausted by it!

Now that I've officially blogumented our wedding weeks *get it? 'blogged' and 'documented'... yeah, I totally made up a word and I think it deserves a line in the dictionary* I can get back to our oh so exciting life *things have been so boring lately* and real time life happenings.


Notice a change to my blog? Like, a massive upgrade in appearance?

I owe it all to my bloggy friend Victoria over at Our Love Never Fails.

She volunteered her time to help me and I am beyond thankful.

Not only is Victoria ubber talented on the computer, but she's super crafty and sweet.

Her husband is in the military and she's a proud military wife.

A big thanks to them both!

Friday, February 25, 2011

devastating news

I'm sitting here watching the telecast of the Discovery shuttle's last launch, #39. It's amazing to think how far we've come with science and technology. That those people are making their way to outer space as I type. As we progress, gain more intelligence and learn more about what the universe has to offer, there are still only a few things that truly matter in life... in my life.
God. Family. Friendship. Compassion. Love. Security.

Our dear friends went to their doctors appointment this week only to find out that there was no heart beat. They had miscarried. She was 5 months along. Their doctor said that he thinks the babies heart stopped beating 3 weeks ago. She was admitted to the hospital and was forced to give birth to her son the next morning.

I found this prayer online and pray it several times a day.

O God of love, source of life,
hear our prayers for our dear friend.
Her baby died before it ever came to birth.
Comfort her now in her sorrow.
Restore her hope for a child to come.
Give her courage and new delight
in the days ahead.
In good time, grant her a new life
that her soul may rejoice;
in Christ's name we pray. Amen.
I am so angry. So sad for them...

pre-honeymoon in jost van dyke

The Monday following our wedding, we said our good byes to our familes and went to stay with our friends who were still on the island. We were heading to our pre-honeymoon on one of the British Virgin Islands the following day...
On our way to my other friends house that they rented, Paul took out the hilarious blown up image of Bryan in a robe with a flower in his ear... needless to say, no one stopped..
So funny! I had extensions for the wedding and could not wait to take them out.
They hurt like a mother.
I enlisted my 2 wonderful friends to pick through my hair like moneys and take out each piece of thread -- what good, patient friends I have!
I don't think my extensions looked as good on him as they did on me.... freaking funny though! One last beach day in St. Thomas After everyone left the island, we said our goodbyes and things quieted down, Bryan and I head to Jost Van Dyke, a tiny British Virgin Island.
We needed to unwind, decompress and relax after the whirlwind week we had just had...
This here is Bryan filling out his customs form.
We checked into our little hut on the sand at the Sandcastle Hotel and then headed straight over to the beach So excited to be MARRIED!!! The next day we did more of the same... exploring the beach and relaxing
Check out all of the buoys!
Bryan wanted to go to "Paradise"
I was torn between "Paradise" and "Los Angeles"
Floating away...
that's St John in the background Bryan floating around our little cove We decided to venture out, and our cabby needed to fill up.
I took it upon myself to do the chore!
Check out the gas station closely -- it's nut! We hiked to the Bubbley Pools Bryan liked sitting in the area where the water rushed through... I stayed in the bubbley pool
This exact spot is where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Ocean This place is an island favorite Our little cove... The famous Soggy Dollar Bar, which was located at the Sandcastle Hotel
The birthplace of the "Original" Painkiller (a very popular rum drink in the Caribbean).
The name of the bar derived from the fact that many people swim ashore from their boats, thus buying their drinks with soggy dollars. Still in 'awe' over the fact that we are husband and wife... and how much we LOVE our rings! As much as we enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of the Sandcastle Hotel, we were terribly bored there. So, we went to a little store that had a laptop to borrow.
I hopped online and booked us a room at the Marriott back on St Thomas for our last night.
We jumped back on the ferry and left Jost Van Dyke for St Thomas... Charlotte Amalie in the background Last night on "our" island of St Thomas
We had a relaxing pre-honeymoon and a memorable and emotional 2 weeks in the Caribbean.
I know how crazy this sounds, but after spending 16 days in the Caribbean we were very excited to go home and begin our life together.
Not to mention that we were going on our real honeymoon, 2 weeks in Europe, just 9 days later...
Read all about it here.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

our st. thomas wedding

My very 1st blog post was about our wedding, but I had know idea what I was doing back then, so I didn't add very many pictures.
Below are Bryan's and my favorite pictures from our special day.
Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral
Drake's SeatReceptionSand Dollar Estate, Magen's Bay