Friday, June 28, 2013

you asked. I'm answering: pregnancy edition PART 2

Thank you again to all of you who asked questions and had curiousities about my pregnancy and pregnancy in general. I seriously had SO much fun thinking about how I was going to answer each question and really enjoyed responding. To read PART 1, click here. Below is PART 2, the final part, of my Q&A...

Lia asked...
I'd like to hear more about your eating habits + exercise while pregnant. Do you count calories?
I wish I had a great response for you, but I don't. I have always been one to eat what I want, and that hasn't changed since becoming pregnant. I have always loved fruit, vegetables, protein, whole grains, frozen yogurt, candy, potato chips, organic milk, water... and none of that changed while pregnant. Everything in moderation... I'm a firm believer in that. I've gained a normal amount of weight throughout my pregnancy - I'm not low or high on the weight gain. Just right where I should be. Maybe I'll share my total weight gain once my pregnancy is over...
Breakfast: Whole Grain English Muffin with peanut butter and either honey or grape jelly or Vanilla Almond Special K with fresh blueberries
Lunch: a combination of - leftovers, tuna sandwiches/pasta, pasta salad, green salad, extra sharp cheddar and a red apple, Amy's frozen meals, Lean Pockets and anything else I have laying around the kitchen
Smoothie: handful of spinach, peeled and cut carrots, 1 container of vanilla or key lime pie Greek yogurt, 1 banana, frozen blueberries and unsweetened almond milk... as much as I love these smoothies, the items I add to it are for the benefit of my baby (and myself)
Dinner: turkey or regular burgers, steak, chicken, anything from the crockpot, lots of pasta, brown rice, pizza, take out, big salads, anything from Trader Joes (orange chicken, BBQ beef, meatloaf, spinach salad, flatbread, etc)
Dessert: Not every night and I gave it all up for Lent, but when I want dessert I eat low fat vanilla frozen yogurt with fudge magic shell or Oreos and milk

Caroline asked...
What will you miss about being pregnant?
* Feeling so comfortable in my skin knowing that I never have to suck in my stomach, care about eating a big lunch before putting on a bathing suit, etc. As females, we pick at ourselves, so I'm having the best time embracing and flaunting off my changing body.
* Knowing that I am the only person who is with our baby all-day everyday. I just love having him all to myself!

Lindsay asked...
Do you get annoyed that most conversations now are about pregnancy and/or life with a little one?
Not at all! I actually haven't talked about my pregnancy with friends endlessly because most of my friends do not have children, therefore they haven't asked me a lot of questions, don't know what to ask  anything that's really pregnancy related. Yes, we talk about it, but not in detail. Most of my friends who are moms don't live near me... and those are my friends that I go into detail with. But everyday talk? That's pretty much saved for Bryan and my mom. 
#1 advice you'd give a newly pregnant lady.
I don't know if this is the best advice, but it's what comes to mind... Don't let your pregnancy change you. Don't start dressing like a frumpy "mom" just because maternity clothes are comfortable and you feel "fat". Don't act like a bitch to your husband just because being "moody" is a common symptom. Continue to have a social life and do things that you've always loved to do. The world doesn't stop turning just because you're with child, so don't act like it should. Try to be conscience of your actions, your words to others and your wardrobe... you will enjoy your pregnancy so much and so will your husband. I mean, when it's all said and done, you want him to still like you and find you attractive, right?
Do you at all wish little man was growing up in so cal?
Yes and no. Providing for our children is why we moved out of California. It's sooooo much cheaper here in NC than it is in CA. Our children's quality of life will be better for it and we'll be able to spend more time away from work with them here. BUT we are southern Californian's through-and-through... you can't spend nearly 30 years living in 1 state without it shaping who you are. Bryan and I both don't like the fact that our kids won't be growing up as Californian's, but we will go on yearly vacations out there and they will know how special the west coast attitude, way of life and outlook is. It will shape them one way or another :)

Do you work out? You look great, so I'd love to learn for down the road one day!
I haven't worked out at all throughout my pregnancy and my body shows it. I have cellulite on the front of my thighs. Front! I didn't even know that was possible. My ass is wider than ever, but I'm taking it all with a grain of salt. I chose not to work out. And I will have to work my behind off once the baby comes because of it. I have walked consistently throughout this pregnancy and I hope that will help a bit, but working out just hasn't been a priority like it should have been. Over the past several months Bryan and I have cancelled our gym memberships and put a good amount of money into constructing the perfect home gym for us, so I'll have no excuses not to get my pre-pregnancy body back once our little guy arrives and I'm cleared to work out.

Whitney asked...
Where did you do your research when you first found out your were expecting lil man? books? blogs? internet?
I honestly have no clue. I'm still not sure I've read a book in its entirety. They're just so... boring. Lol! Blogs have helped with preparing for my registry and what I really need once our baby is here. I honestly think that the best information I've gotten... on a daily basis... is from my mom. That women is so clued into what's current in 21st century pregnancy's and babies. Plus, she knows me just about as well as anyone does... she knows what kind of advice would annoy the crap out of me, so she doesn't give me that kind of advice. She's not a "let me talk about and bore you with how it was back in my day" kind of woman.. she lives in the present. My mom was a wonderful mother and she raised 2 well rounded and productive children. I really respect her opinions and advice and love bouncing ideas off of her. Other than that, I have a few girl friends who I respect an endless amount, and they are always there to offer advice and answer any and all of my questions!
How did you keep from getting overwhelmed with all the info out there? or did you?
I never got overwhelmed. It's not really in my personality to let information overload overwhelm me. People have been birthing babies and raising children from the beginning of time. I got this ;)
Did you watch what you ate carefully? what about exercise?
See above.
What's something you wish you had known going into pregnancy?
That it is truly possible to enjoy it. I've always been told that I'll probably have a pregnancy much like my mom's pregnancies... and I was scared. Scared for what my life would be like while pregnant... wondering how miserable I would be. My mom didn't like being pregnant and she puked for 9 months straight. I'm happy to report that my pregnancy was completely different than hers, but I wish I would have realized that it could be from the very beginning and appreciated it more.
Do you have a birth plan? are you going to do an epidural?
See PART 1 for my birth plan. As far as an epidural goes... there is no question. Yes, I will be having one :)
How long are you getting off for maternity leave?
Maternity leave? What's that, hahaha?!! Being that I work on a contract basis, I actually don't have the luxury of maternity leave, but am hoping to be back to work by the end of summer.

Fran asked...
How do you know for sure that you are in the right place career wise to bring a baby into the pic? Or maybe its one of those if you wait for the right time it will never be the right time? So you just make time?
I know people say that there is never a "right time," but I disagree. Bryan and I did our best to really enjoy a few years together, travel, save money, build a foundation for a family. Then I heard my clock ticking... loudly. Lol! It was time :)

CMae asked...
Your current job required you to travel a ton. Will you continue to have to travel with a new born at home?
This is the 40 million dollar question! I really love to work and I love what I do. It's important to me that I don't give up all of my interests and I want to contribute financially, to take some of the burden off of Bryan. Everything is up in the air right now... We'll see how it all pans out!

Nat asked...
I would love to know what's surprised you the most about being pregnant? 
* I have to say that I was and still am completely surprised that that overwhelming motherly quality didn't kick in with me yet. I expected to be a blubbering fool when it came to this pregnancy and my baby, but I'm not. I'm taking it like a champ ;)
* Some of the symptoms that come along with pregnancy totally caught me off guard. Thanks to the extra blood coarsing through my body, I've had broken blood vessels all over my collar bone and arms for 9 months now. Not full blown bloody noses, but bloody snot everytime you blow your nose? Oh yes, this happens. Puking while brushing my teeth during the 1st trimester? Who knew this is so common! Panty liners? Oh yes, I never knew how necessary these were either. I'll leave it at that...
* There was a time when I wasn't included in a girls night because I can't drink. I wasn't even invited, but others were invited right in front of me. Umm, news flash. I don't need alcohol to be able to go out with friends. It sucked and I felt left out. Plain and simple.
* Moms of young ones are soooo judgy! My friends are not like this, but I have come across some moms who are curious to get to know you just so that they can judge you, your pregnancy, your outlook on motherhood and parenthood, etc. It's so mean-spirited and hurtful that I began distancing myself from mom's I don't know well... When they ask me how I am, I simply say "good" instead of confiding in them the highs and lows of where I'm at in this pregnancy. I suppose I should have just done this from the beginning :)

Nicole Lynn asked...
You and Bryan seem to have a great relationship and obviously have been together a while without children. Have you and him thought of ways to keep your love alive when the baby arrives? Carve out anytime for just the two of you? Any marriage classes or advice from others that you can share?
Yes! We've thought about this a lot. I'm not sure it's something you can plan out, but our marriage is such a priority to us. Neither of us grew up in a broken home or with divorced parents and we don't want that for our children. Taking care of ourselves individually and our marriage are so important to us, for us and for our children. It comes naturally to me to care about Bryan's well being more than my own. Lucky for me, Bryan, naturally, cares about my well being more than his own. It comes from a subconscious level... we don't have to try to put the other one first, we do so naturally. Because of this, even when we're not caring for ourselves we're always cared for by each other. And we tend to think we're a great team. I only see us becoming a better team once our little guy arrives. As far as marriage classes... no, we've taken none, but I wouldn't be opposed. We'll have some eager and loving babysitters in town this summer, so carving out some time for ourselves to stay connected will happen, no doubt!
Now that I'm pregnant, I think of this a lot. My husband and I are like you and Bryan in a lot of ways as far as being together a while and being eachother's best friends. Things are sure to change some after baby. So I'd love to hear what you two are doing/will do, if this is something you two think about too?
Bryan and I were in the baby's nursery not too long ago and he asked me to marry him. I said "yes" :) Of course I'm nervous for things to change, but truly believe it'll be for the better. Bryan was born to be a father and I can't wait to watch him in this role. I foresee myself falling in love with him all over again...


That was so much fun! Thank you to everyone who asked questions. I'm planning on making a book out of all of my pregnancy posts and this one might be the most informative and fun to look back on of them all!!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

you asked. I'm answering: pregnancy edition PART 1

You all asked so many great questions and I went into such great detail answering them all that I'm breaking up my responses into 2 seperate posts. I had so much fun with your questions and most made me really think!

Instagram Questions

littlelady_87 asked...
What's baby boys name gonna be? And what would have the name been if it was a girl?
We've decided to keep our little guys name off of the internet until he's made his big debut and I'm not sure I want to share our girl name either. I mean, what if we find out at birth that he is a girl? ;) Our girl name started with a K.

Biggest pregnancy misconception?
Mine was that "you immediately fall in love with your unborn child." Unfortunately I was so fearful of a miscarriage in the 1st trimester that I kept myself from getting attached to the baby. I kept my emotions at bay and didn't purchase any maternity clothes or baby items for fear of jinxing things. I know that sounds silly, but it took me getting confirmation from my ob at 12 weeks to really let myself feel for the little being inside me.
Biggest pregnancy surprise?
I'm still stunned by how much energy you get in the 2nd and even 3rd trimester. I feel like everyone tells you about it while your head is in the toilet during the 1st trimester and you can't see any light at the end of the morning sickness tunnel. But I'm here to tell you it's true! The energy you get is unreal. It's more energy than I ever had before becoming pregnant and I definitely took advantage of it!

shanstinson asked...
What are you most nervous about?
Delivery, for sure! And second to delivery I'm worried about managing our parents. Bryan and I are in charge of our finances, our home, our dog and now our child -- we're not kids anymore -- we make the rules -- and I'm expecting that won't be an easy transition for our parents, especially our mom's.
What milestone are you most looking forward to?
As far as a pregnancy milestone, I already hit it... I was counting down the days and weeks until I got to the "safe zone" to where if I went into pre-term labor, the baby would survive in the nicu with modern day medicine. And if you're asking about a motherhood/baby milestone, I would say that the one I'm looking forward to the most, in the more immediate future, is seeing him smile and hearing him laugh. I hope he has a dimple on his cheek like I do!
What's been the most unexpected thing you've learned about pregnancy?
There has been so much of the unexpected... there's just so much no book tells you and no one tells you. The most unexpected thing I've learned is probably about who my true friends are. I know that that doesn't really have to do exactly with pregnancy, but it did teach me a lot. Friends who I thought were some of my closest, I've only heard from 5-10 times since becoming pregnant back in October. They rarely check up on me or the baby and that hurts... a lot. But at the same time, I've been blown away by the friends who send me weekly texts wanting updates, want to skype to see my growing belly and have gifted our little boy items out of the clear blue (not just for a shower, etc.). It's warmed my heart more than anyone can imagine. Because I know that I have done or will do the same for them!

Blogger Questions

Carolyn asked...
When are you showing your nursery?!
I won't be showing it in its entirety. Even before I became pregnant I had a very clear opinion on this -- my innocent childs room, where they lay they're head at night and wake up in the morning, does not need to be exposed on the internet. Would I feel comfortable showing you bloggers his room. Yes! But my blog is public and anyone out there can view it. The idea of even one pedifile seeing where my sweet boy sleeps... well, lets just say his nursery (specifically his crib) will not be on the internet. But with that being said, I have taken fairly close up photos of different parts of the nursery -- that I would love for you to see, especially because I have some great etsy stores to share with you! But I won't be sharing any wide angles of the room :)
What has been the hardest thing about pregnancy for you so far?
I have truly loved my life leading up to this point and coming to terms with the fact that things have changed and will be changing even more has been tougher than I expected. I am so ready for this upcoming change and new life in our lives, but have had a harder time than I anticipated coming to terms with the fact that things will never be the same again. 
What are you most nervous about when baby boy comes?
Being completely candid here, Bryan and I have a very sensitive family member. I have so much anxiety over not being able to manage their sensitive nature to the best of my ability. I will be preoccupied with so many other things -- my hormone changes, adjusting to life with my 1st born, bonding, figuring out our family of 3, Cali, lack of sleep, figuring out a schedule, new routines, etc... that I just won't have the mental capacity to adhere to this persons sensitive disposition. And I fear I'm going to get blasted for it...
Do you have a name picked out?
Yes, he has a name! Over the past couple of years Bryan and I discussed names often. We loved 2 boys names, but once we found out we were expecting we instantly knew what name we had to go with. It's actually a name that I came up with and I sometimes still can't believe it's what I'm naming my child! I say that because it was never on my radar before (not a common name), but I love it. Bryan and I had settled on both a boys and a girls name before we knew the gender. So the day we found out we were having a boy, we immediately began referring to him by name and we shared that name with our parents as their last gift of the day during Christmas 2012 dinner. Our son's first and middle names are derived from 2 of our family members names, 1 from Bryan's side and 1 from mine. I'm really into tradition and honoring those who came before us.

Tori G asked...
What has shocked you most about being pregnant? Something you didn't expect.
I have really been shocked by how great I feel mentally, emotionally and physically. After I got through my awful 1st trimester, I've really been able to enjoy this pregnancy. Bryan will attest to the fact that my personality and mood has essentially stayed the same. I feel so comfortable in this pregnant body and embracing my bump has come naturally. I didn't expect any of that... I really thought I'd be an emotional basketcase experiencing every craving imaginable, puking non-stop all while gaining a trillion pounds and hiding from the outside world. Lol!

Do you know how many calories a day you consumed each trimester?
I have no clue. I just ate what I wanted when I wanted. I've always been someone who eats everything in moderation, but who overall eats healthy. I've never counted calories in my life... And I have gained a good amount of weight... if it's not in my belly it's resting comfortably on my hips, thighs and ass. I'll probably share my total weight gain once this pregnancy journey commences...

Maran asked...
Pregnancy fashion?
The majority of the clothes that I've worn are regular clothes. Some dresses have had to be sized up 1 size whereas others just fit in my everyday size. Non-maternity Target and Old Navy tank tops are great, as are regular yoga pants and yoga capri's. I do have 3 pairs of maternity jeans (Old Navy, Target, H&M), 2 pairs of maternity shorts (Old Navy, Ross) and several maternity tee's and tanks. I've refused to spend a lot of money on maternity clothes, therefore most of my stuff has been bought from Walmart online (their 3 pack of maternity tanks for $10 are great!), (tanks and tee's are wonderful) and H&M Mama. I haven't been very impressed by Target and have never even stepped foot into Gap Maternity, Motherhood Maternity or Pea in a Pod.
How did you stay the cutest preg person EVER?
Lots of make-up and good photo angles ;)
How soon after you have baby can I come see you?
I better see your face in the hospital!
Love life during pregnancy. Did you keep it hot? Did it get stale? Did it not exist?
We've discussed this in person, more than once. 'Nuff said. By the way, "Hi Dad" I know you're reading...

Sarah asked...
What is the best advice you have received for pregnancy and/or after the baby is born?
LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! I had so many people tell me this and they are so right... If you have low energy - relax. If you have a ton of energy - race around, run errands, furnish and decorate the nursery, cook dinner, see your friends and family, go on date nights, travel, etc. If you have no energy - do not push yourself, nap. If you're hungry - eat. If you're sore - rest. All in all... Put your child first, listen to your body!

Katie asked...
Do you have a birth plan? if so, how have you approached it?
So I probably should... but I don't. Everyone I've known who's put a lot of time and effort into their birth plan had it thrown to the side once in labor. The baby and doctor are in charge, not me, therefore I'm not stressing over things going perfectly how I want them to.
Will you do a post after baby's born on newborn essentials (I am about to start registering - so overwhelming!)?
I'm so bad with doing things like this, but would love to attempt a newborn essentials post -- great idea! In the meantime, you can check out my baby registry post here.

Nicole asked...
Did you use an ovulation kit or count the days and then try?
I used Clear Blue Easy Digital opk's as well as an app on my phone that really helped. If anyone wants more details on this subject, e-mail me at and I'd be happy to go into more detail with you.
Were you paranoid on food you were and weren't supposed to eat?
I wouldn't say that I was ever paranoid, but I definitely adhered to was I was told to stay away from. I understand that some of the things they tell you not to eat are because you have a 1:1million chance of catching a disease that could hurt/kill your baby and because the odds are so low most people eat them. I didn't. In my opinion, 1:1million is still too high of a chance and if anything happened to my baby due to something I willingly ate I'd never be able to forgive myself. In general, I have an insane amount of willpower so this came easy to me. It's been 9 months since I've eaten deli meat, hard salami, hot dogs, unpastuerized soft cheeses, runny eggs, eggs benedict (love!) or drank alchohol. I'm pretty sure I'm going to devour everything I just mentioned the week I give birth :)
Caffeine, how much do you drink?
I didn't drink any caffeine throughout my 1st trimester and after that I drank coffee on an as needed basis. I've never been one to drink caffeinated soda, so I was never tempted by it throughout my pregnancy. But some weeks I'd drink 4 cups of coffee and other weeks I wouldn't have any at all. I never had it daily, but am not opposed to it. I just didn't need it daily. I would listen to my body -- If I had high energy I would stay away from caffeine, whereas on low energy days I might make myself a cup. I'd also go to Starbucks and get a tall half caf coffee with 2 pumps of (sugar free or regular) caramel or vanilla syrup. It only costs approx. $2.00 and tastes like a speciality drink! If we have a 2nd child, down the road, I'm sure caffeine will be my lifeline.
Are you getting the pup ready for the new arrival?
I think Cali has been naturally preparing herself this whole time. It's been very interesting to observe. Throughout my pregnancy Cali has become even more of a mama's girl than ever... she won't leave my side, always has to see me, follows me everywhere, freaks out if I go out of town or just simply leave the house, etc. She has taken daily naps on my belly... even before I was showing. She remains calm when the baby kicks her. I feel like she can hear his heart beat and instictually knows that a big change is about to occur very soon. She gets it. I just love my Cali!

Samm asked...
What names are you thinking? Did I miss that anywhere
You haven't missed a thing... Although his name isn't a secret, I won't be announcing it on the internet until he's here :)
In honor of our last mishap, what is the first drink you're going to drink after you give birth?
This made me laugh so hard! Love it!! I have sooooo many thoughts on what I want my 1st drink to be... Will it be whiskey or a margarita or a glass of crisp wine? I'm pretty sure I'll be playing this one by ear, but am leaning toward champagne! I do think that I might want my dad to sneak me a little taste of something alcoholic while still in the hospital. Shhhhh, don't tell ;)


That was so much fun! I'll be posting PART 2 soon...


Several of you are interested in what our little guys name is, so... I'll leave you with his monogram:

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

everyone's here but the guest of honor

All 4 grandparents are in North Carolina patiently awaiting the arrival of their grandson.
We're all ready... he aparently isn't!

That same night we headed to The Rudder with Maran and Joe.

 We spent our night out by the lakeside tiki bar and didn't go home until midnight.
Party on, party people!
* 39w1d

Monday, June 24, 2013

bump update: week 39

Welp, I'm officially 39w3d today and there is no sign of our baby boy in sight. I know that anything can happen at any given minute, but at this point my ob has brought up induction - how and when it would happen, etc. I continue to enjoy this pregnancy, am not sick of being pregnant and can patiently wait for our son to come whenever he's supossed to come. He'll be here within 1.5 weeks, regardless. I'm just dying to get the delivery over with! But until then, life goes on and I'm truly having a blast (with Bryan, our family and our friends) living out these last several days before becoming a Mommy.

Due Date: June 28, 2013 - THIS FRIDAY !!!

Gender: A sweet little mama's boy

Movement: Movement is so gigantic these days. He's as calm as can be from the time I wake up until around 8:00pm, then he's up and moving wildly well after I fall asleep. His movements are so large. I can feel his legs, knees and his bottom from the outside on my skin. This never has gotten to be "normal" to me... it's still super freaky, and although it's as natural as can be, it feels so unnatural to me!

Feeling: I'm feeling too good for a chick who's mere days away from giving birth, that's for sure! My energy is fine and I spend most of my days out and about. I'm doing my best to spend as much time as possible on my feet and walking, all while really taking it easy in the evenings. 

Food Cravings: Absolutely no cravings at all. My stomach is squished, so I get really full quickly. Although I want to stop eating after eating just half of a piece of pizza, I push through because I know my son needs the food. 

Food Aversions: v8, soup, salmon

Clothes: I'm still in a mix of maternity and non and am able to wear everything I've been wearing throughout my pregnancy, including my maternity jeans

Stretch Marks: None. Praise Jesus!

Sleep: Sleep is wonderful! I'm so used to sleep walking to the bathroom at this point and I have no major aches or pains while asleep. I do get nightly charlie horses and have to sleep in compression socks, which tend to make me extra warm, so I wake up in a sweat from time to time. Overall, those are minor compaints and I'm able to get a really good nights sleep nightly.

Symptoms: nerve pain down the right side of my back and into my right my thigh... this pain practically makes me pass out at times, sharp shooting pains into my who-ha, baby is low, nightly leg cramps in my calves, frequent urination, great skin (beyond clear), normal energy, tailbone pain when sitting, heartburn, carrying on the right/lopsided, hand, feet and face swelling (hand swelling feels like arthritis and face swelling has made my face much more round in the last week or so),  my ass is the size of Texas and my thighs definitely have "dimples" on them

What I Miss: hard salami, hot dogs, deli meat, laying out on my stomach

Best Moment: All 4 grand parents are in town and Bryan and I are ready... We're all just waiting on the guest of honors arrival

Memorable Moments: 

38w2d - Father's Day - We celebrated Father's to-be Day swimming at Latta with Calz and then had my parents over for a BBQ that evening
38w6d - In-Laws - My in-laws have arrived and are anticipating the arrival of their 1st grandchild! 
39weeks - Appointment - not dilated at all, blood pressure good, baby's heart rate is 142 bpm, detailed discussion about when I go into labor, if water breaks/contractions start, induction, induction date, etc.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

father's day fun

We started Sunday off with a filling breakfast of eggs, kolbasi and rosemary toast followed by a short hike out to our favorite secluded swimming spot on the lake.

This was the 1st Father's Day I was able to spend with my dad in years, so that afternoon we had my parents over for a yummy BBQ in his honor!

 * 38w2d

Monday, June 17, 2013

bump update: week 38

This last week was pretty bad. I was just doing too much and needed to have a down-day, but didn't. I pushed myself too hard, was run down, worn out and just totally wanted my son out of my body and in my arms. Not to mention, I caught a horrible cold... I was crying in the shower when I turned to God and asked Him when he was going to release my son to me. I then paciently awaited His answer. Within seconds it came... and it was not what I had expected at all. His answer was given to me in 1 simple, powerful word. His reply to me was "never." I've spent some time reflecting on this. Yes, my son is my son, but he is a child of God and always will be... This journey is finally getting to be exhausting, and at 38 weeks, that's okay. But at the same time it has been the most rewarding time of my life! Bring on baby... we're ready when You are!

Due Date: June 28, 2013

Gender: 1 sweet little boy!

Movement: His movements are so large and strong. I literally have a baby sized human moving around in me... it's a weird concept for me to fully grasp. When he moves, it's like a baby's movement, outside the womb. I can picture exactly what he's doing... He's pulling and pushing. He's adjusting his arms and legs. He's stretching his back and pumping out his behind. Half of the time he is doing the Heisman and the other half of the time he's got jazz hands (as low as you could imagine)... all while head butting me in my cervix (hurts like a mother), knocking my nerve practically paralyzing me and gently kicking me in my ribs. All of this combined with the heat and humidity that's set into the south this week (it's in the 90s), I'm just so ready to deliver. I'm ready for the sleepless nights and the uncontrolable crying because with that comes all of the kisses and cuddles I'll be able to give him. Come on buddy, you're movements are freaking Daddy and I out. We want to see how you move in the outside world!

Feeling: I'm still comfortable (for the most part) walking, moving, in my clothes and in my body, but I did have a few really bad days this week. I'm trying to push myself and my body, but I need to be careful I don't push myself too hard. Mentally, this pregnancy is beginning to wear on me. I really love being pregnant, but I'm just so ready to meet this little guy that I've been toting around for 38 weeks. I let myself have a cry-fest this week and sweet Bryan comforted me so much. The suspense of knowing that I can go into labor any day is absolutely killing me. I'm antsy, emotional, fear filled and my heart is just bursting at the seems. I'm not sure I can wait much longer, but I'm practicing pacience and am just trying to keep myself as busy as I can. I've notcied that I'm getting annoyed by people who I think are being selfish -- If anyone tells me that they want him to wait to arrive until closer to his due date, I become livid with. I know I shouldn't, but I just feel like they're thinking about themself and not at all about me. Thankfully, everyone I'm surrounded by day-to-day doesn't say things like this to me b/c they know how badly I want him here... as soon as possible!

Food Cravings: None. I don't have a huge appetite, but am still enjoying all foods I have been

Food Aversions: salmon, v8

Clothes: Nothing has changed in the clothes department. Still able to comfortably wear the jeans, shorts, tanks, tops and dresses that I've been wearing all along

Stretch Marks: none

Sleep: Sleep is pretty good still. I'm definitely tired earlier and wake up earlier. I wake up throughout the night to use the bathroom, but I'm so used to this now. Just this week I've begun to experience legs cramps while sleeping. I'm pretty sure our little guy has his days and nights mixed up, as he's up throughout the night, but is asleep during the day. Greeeeeat!

Symptoms: nerve pain down the right side of my back and into my right my thigh... this pain practically makes me pass out at times, sharp shooting pains into my who-ha that take my breath away and bring me to my knees, when I overdo it I feel like the baby is going to split out of the bottom of my belly, emotional/tearful, baby is low, nightly leg cramps in my calves, frequent urination, great skin (beyond clear), normal energy, tailbone pain when sitting, light heartburn, carrying on the right/lopsided, hand and feet swelling is intense these days (I now have to wear compression socks)

What I Miss: Sunny side up eggs, salami, deli sandwiches, hot dogs

Best Moment: I am so thankful to have the most giving parents and husband by my side throughout the end of my pregnancy. Last Sunday my mom cleaned and detailed the bathrooms in my house, on her hands and knees, and even cleaned the baseboards. My dad is going to take care of my flower beds and Bryan vaccuumed and mopped the entire house... moving ALL of the furniture, getting under every couch, pulling out the refrigerator and mopping behind it, etc. Not an inch of my house went untouched. Not only are they helping out physically, but they are all being so caring and sensitive with me. Instead of making this time in life about them or adding stress to the situation, they're all doing the complete opposite. Any extra stress that I could be feeling right now has been elimitaed by all of them. I need the extra tlc right now and could not appreciate the 3 of them any more! 

Memorable Moment: 

37w1d - Parents - I worked like a dog helping my parents, on purpose. Trying to move this baby down further... I want to hear that we've made some progression at my next appt.
37w2d - Sick - I officially caught a cold, which is not fun when you're ready to burst!
37w3d - Mini Hospital Bag - Just in case I go into labor or my water breaks when we're out and about, I've packed myself a small tote and put it in the car until it's go time. It contains a change of underwear, comfy clothes, slippers, deodorant, Dial soap, ponytail holder, headband, bobby pins, chapstick, a towel and a plastic bag
37w4d - Hospital Tour - What... You mean you didn't wait 'til last minute to do your hospital tour?
38weeks - Appointment - baby's heart rate is 147bpm, he has dropped further, no dilation, no weight gain, measuring at 37 weeks

FYI - Having a cold at the end of pregnancy made last week (the week recapped in this post) a really bad week for me, but this week I am back on track and feeling almost too good for being 38 weeks pregnant!