Thursday, May 5, 2016

let your dreams take flight

After 6 months of dating we paired up professionally, marketed ourselves as a team and traveled the country side by side. We lived in hotels, worked day in and day out together and had an absolute blast sight seeing, going to sports games and eating yummy food coast to coast. After 4.5 years of this incredible life we got pregnant with Trace and it was time to get "a real job"..... those miserable 2.5 years of sending Bryan off to an unfulling job here in Charlotte was a far cry from the 24/7 together time we were used to, and we hated it. We didn't marry each other to only see each other on nights and weekends, so 1 year ago this month Bryan quit his job in medical sales to become a fulltime family. I have my best friend back, can pee with the door closed and I can kiss him whenever I want. To say that my nutrition company has changed my life.... our families future....... is a fact. There is no way I ever thought we could earn 6 figures by drinking a shake - not a chance - but the reality is.... this IS the truth, and our bank statements prove it. 

You too, can be a fulltime family... or whatever your life desires and dreams are, you can turn them into a reality. Most of you have been reading my blog since I started it... when Bryan and I were on the road and in a different state every week. You might remember all the fun we had together! And I'm soooo happy to say that 8.5 years together, 2 kids later and a ton of adulting... We still have a freaking blast together, I'd take a bullet for him and he's legit, my best friend. 

I challenge you to dream...... to pray.... to think about what your life could be like if you didn't settle for the status quo. If you didn't settle for what's expected of you. If you color outside the lines and broke a rule or two. What would your LIFE look like if you pushed fear aside and went balls to the wall and took control of your future?