Monday, December 20, 2010

Home for The Holidays

Bryan and I are back in California with our families for Christmas.
!!! YAY !!!
So while everyone else is bundling up, freezing their tooshies off, cranking up the heater and shoveling snow
We will be celebrating our 1st Christmas as husband and wife here...
~watching the sunset over the ocean in Laguna Beach
yes, I took this photo
~eating at our favorite sushi restaurant that we crave on a daily basis
~in San Diego, my old stomping grounds, to visit lots of friends
~sipping the most yummy coffee that I miss so very much
Starbucks eat your heart out! You've got nothin' on Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, nothin'...
~even the most yummy of people go to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf! Best believe I'll be looking for this guy...~getting a pedicure with my mom~visiting the Huntington Beach pier because Huntington Beach is where I lived throughout my college years ~and because Bryan's sister, Tracy, has a bench dedicated to her on the HB pier... and we like to say "hello..." to her when we're in town
Funny story - over a year ago Bryan and I were promoting a new candy bar by Mars called Fling Chocolate. Well, we went to Huntington Beach one day and I brought a Fling bar with me to leave on Tracy's bench for her... I mean, I figured she hadn't had a fling in a while and could use one desperately :) ~my beautiful hometown
I worked at this lake for 4 years in high school/the early years of college and have spent many weekends up in those mountains of Big Bear.
The neighborhood between the lake and the mountains is where I grew up, where my parents still live and where we will be celebrating Christmas this year.
You enjoy the snow. We'll enjoy the sun.
Merry Christmas!


  1. Yay! So happy for you! Enjoy! Enjoy!

  2. So exciting to be home for the holidays :)
    you grew up in southern too!!! and lived in oceanside for a year while he was in the marines. and we go to huntington all the time, love bike riding along the beach.
    enjoy your holidays :)
    love your little story about your hubs sister's bench and the candy bar.


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