Thursday, December 23, 2010

Is Anyone Absent From the Dinner Table in Your Family?

We all have loved ones who have passed away and who we so desperately wish could be back on earth, living the day-to-day and celebrating momentus occasions with us.
But I think it's the holiday season when we miss them the most.
When Bryan and I were in Chicago for the Country Music Festival, we happened to be working in the tent that did "Storytellers." If you've ever watched CMT, then you probably know what "Storytellers" is.
Well, a couple big names were there and so was a new group, The Band Perry, comprised of 3 twenty-something siblings.
They sing the most beautiful song that makes me tear up everytime I hear it on the radio.
"When I Die Young"
Watching The Band Perry sing it in person touched me on a whole different level.
I honestly had to excuse myself from work to compose myself.
This song is so powerful.
It reminds me of my sister-in-law.
I never met her.
I have people in my life who don't let go of the past and it's a damn shame because life is precious and so incredibly short... and family relationships should be top priority.
But often times grudges are held and relationships are severed.
Differences and negativety should be pushed aside during the holidays, don't ya think?
Well, I'd give anything to have a relationship with my sister-in-law.
Bryan's mom has told me several times about how well we would have gotten along.
How close we would be.
She believes Tracy brought Bryan and I together.
I choose to believe her.
The Band PerryStorytellers
The Band Perry, songwriter, Kix Brooks, David Lee Murphy
This holiday season, we'll really miss Tracy, Bryan's big sister, who passed of cancer at the unfair age of 26.

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