Tuesday, May 31, 2011

down-home, all-american weekend fun

With 85 degree temps this past weekend, it was obvious that summer is here to stay!
We kicked off the 3 day weekend downtown at Speed Street.
We walked around, got loads of freebies and hung out with friends.
See my Gaterade below?
It's actually an entire bottle of champagne mixed with red food coloring.
I'm a sneaky one... and cheap!

Clay Walker put on an awesome free concert! Cara and Adam were so much fun to hang with! Clay Walker sang "She Won't Be Lonely Long" to this girl who recently had twins and who's husband is serving in Afghanistan right now. It was so touching... Craig and Brandy, who live in Boston and work for the same company we do, were working at Speed Street on their Lunchables tour -- even though it was brief, so glad we got to see them!! Saturday afternoon we grabbed lunch with some friends on the lake. Check out all of the American flags! Later that night we headed to a BBQ at our friends house.
All of the boys played cornhole and ladder, while the girls chilled together.
Sometimes Bryan and I feel a little disconnected from our friends because we're not home consistantly, so it was really nice catching up and spending time with everyone! On Monday we decided to head over to our newest favorite spot at Mountain Island Lake to picnic and play in the water.
Cali's one happy girl when she's there! Swimming to mama On our way home we stopped off at a local store and bought some fresh corn from their farm. What a great weekend filled with down-home, All-American fun and friends!

Monday, May 30, 2011

memorial day

Yay, today's a fun holiday meant for hitting the sales and then BBQing with friends!

Or is it?

Are we confusing Memorial Day with Veterans Day?

I reached out to my friends who have served/continue to serve our country and asked them how they feel about Memorial Day.

Specifically, what this day means to them and what it should mean to all of us.

Rik who served 1999-2003 2/75 Army Ranger Regiment said:
I think I view Memorial Day differently than most. I have lost a few friends to the war, even my roommate, so I think of them a lot during this weekend. I think it is good that people get out and have fun. That is the freedom for which so many have fought and died for in this country. But I would like those people to remember why they have this holiday and stop and think about those who have paid the ultimate price.

Chase who served and is currently serving 5 years as an infantryman in the Army National Guard said:
To be honest with you, I personally look at it as a holiday for my efforts honoring those who have given everything.

John has served 10 years, Artillary Captain in the Marines Corp. His wife, Laura said:
Memorial Day has taken on a new meaning after marrying John... it's a bittersweet day, but a day filled with more than fun BBQs. Over his time here, John has had to notify three families that they lost their sons/husbands over in Afghanistan and that hit really close to home for us all three times. Last year, John was asked to speak at a ceremony at a cemetery on Memorial Day and he spoke about those three that gave their lives serving our country. You see how much they and their families have sacrificed and whether I believe in the war, it really makes me so emotional and I want to give them the respect they deserve. So, we probably will grill out if it's nice, but I know for a fact that every Memorial Day we will make a point to go to a ceremony wherever we live in order to give honor to those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Even just hearing the national anthem brings me to tears these days because I think of all the men that believe in our country and fight hard for our freedoms. I can go off about how much it angers me that our news reports were obsessed with the stupid wedding in the UK, but have now stopped really covering the stories of the men and women that still are losing their lives or getting badly injured fighting over in Afghanistan. UGH! I loved how so many people rallied together in support of America and excitement for our country when they killed Osama, but that died down so quickly... it's just sad. That motivates me to want to make sure that at least me and my family will never forget those still fighting. I have friends who just sent their husbands over there for 9 month deployments.

Travis who served 2004-2011: Iraq 2007-08, Afghanistan 2010 said:
I think yes, but not the way most people do. Veterans day should be a party. Memorial Day should be a bit more somber in my opinion. Its not time to get drunk and scream about being an American. It's more reflective for me. This year I'll be at work (police officer), but when I get home at 4am I'll be having a beer for my buddies that didn't come home...

Saturday, May 28, 2011

based on your reaction, probably not

So Bryan went to St. Louis yesterday morning and got back this afternoon.

He texted me 20 minuted before he got home to let me know he was almost here.

I had a fresh fruit smoothie waiting for him and we sat on our back patio with Cali to drink them.

As I raised my glass to my mouth Bryan said, "What did you do to your nails?"

Me: I got 'em done yesterday. My toes too! **lifting my foot up to show him**

Bryan: But what color is that?

Me: Black.

Bryan: Why though? Is it like clothes? Do black nails make your fingers look thinner?

Me: Are you kidding me right now??? **laughing hysterically** It's growin' on me. I kinda like it! It's been in trend for a couple years.

Bryan: It has? But your toes are always a bright color **implying he likes them that way**

Me: I know. My mom said that when I see her, her and I will go get pedicures together.

Bryan and Me: **laughing because we know that that means my mom thinks it's super hideous and wants me to change the color a sap!**

Me: You know celebrities have been doing it for a while now. Even Jennifer Anniston. Oh, and you know who does it too? Lauren Conrad... and that girl doesn't have an edgy bone in her body!

Bryan: But would you do it again?
Me: Um, based on your reaction... probably not.

Friday, May 27, 2011

it's quite the departure from pink

I did it.

I got my nails painted black for the 1st time.

I hope I like it because my nails are fake and I am stuck with a color for 2 weeks.

I think I like it!

As I told my nail guy, "I feel edgy. And pretty badass."

Such a departure in my style that I'm glad my mother lives almost 3,000 miles away from me.

I may be 30, but I still fear my mom.

She'd look at my nails and have some blunt comments for me, for sure!

And speaking of my mom, get this conversation I had with her earlier today...


Mom: One more thing before we get off the phone.

Me: What's up?

Mom: Do you know what 'tossing the salad' means?

Me: Ummmm... In what context? **I had no clue what to say!**

Mom: In a sexual way.

Me: Yeah, I know what it means. Why?!

Mom: Because I was at work yesterday and we had a salad and a dressing and I decided that I'd just toss them together. Someone walked in and asked what I was doing and I said that I was tossing the salad. Then some younger girls asked me if I liked tossing salad. I told them that I was fine tossing the salad. Sure, I even liked tossing salad. **My mom knew that these girls were far too inquisitive about the salad and thought it was weird, but she's friends with them all so didn't think anything much of it.**

Me: **Laughing awkwardly, not knowing where this coversation's going**

Mom: So you know what this means?

Me: Yes Mom. I know what it means. You didn't?!

Mom: No, but a nurse about your age came into my office after and said that she wanted to tell me why everyone kept asking me about the salad. Then she explained the meaning to me.

Me: She explained it?

Mom: Yes. And then I went and told Anne **co-worker**.

Me: Mom, this is the weirdest conversation and I think I'm going to have to blog about it. Sorry, but it's things like this that I want to remember when you're gone one day.

Mom: Are you going to tell Bryan?

Me: Of course I'm tellin' him... But I'm still bloggin' about it too!

Mom and Me: **laughing because this is not an abnormal conversation for us to have!**

Mom: So I went home last night and asked your dad if he knew what tossing the salad meant. He didn't either, so I told him.

Me: Oh brother...

Mom: I'll never say that I like tossing salad ever again!


Bah Hahahahahaha!!!!! Dying laughing!

our 1st year anniversary celebration

I have never celebrated an anniversary.

I don't believe in it.

I mean, you have a boyfriend and you could be broken up before you know.

Bryan and I never acknowledged an anniversary while dating.

We never acknowledged one while engaged either.

The only anniversary that I ever wanted to celebrate was the one I shared with my future husband.

It's the only one that matters to me.

And now that I'm married, I was able to celebrate my anniversary with my husband!


Bryan and I spent our 1st wedding anniversary 2,288 miles apart with Bryan home and me in Seattle.

I woke up the morning of May 22nd to get ready for my long work day ahead, all while reminiscing over what I was doing at that exact time 1 year ago to the day -- I was at the Little Sand Dollar in St. Thomas going through hair and make up with my mom, Bryan's mom, my aunt, maid of honor and all of my bridesmaids.

Much to my suprise, their was a knock on my hotel room door.

With this delivered to me... I came home from Seattle pooped. I had had really crazy flights that delayed my arrival home an entire day. Walking in my front door, I was greeted by these puppies screaming "Happy Anniversary" at me! To celebrate, Bry and I went to Bonterra Dining & Wine Room in Dilworth. We each ordered Prosecco, which brought us back to our honeymoon in Italy, and paired it with a salmon/goat cheese spread and a roasted tomato/basil spread. For our meals, Bry had the grouper and I had the scallops. Delish!Happy to celebrate with our baby girly... who may or may not still be wearing a Christmas collar....On our way home we stopped off and got some of our favorite frozen yogurt and ate it on our back patio.
Oh, and clearly I can't forget to mention the best present ever.
Yes people.
We are going to the CMA's!
November 9th, I will be cheering on all of my favorites at the best award show of the year!
And Bryan told me that just hours after he bought these tickets they were all sold out. Love him. What's a girl wear....???
I love my honey!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

i think somebody needs attention...

Seattle for Ford

Seattle was amazing!

I find it to be the perfect mix of San Francisco and Portland, ME.


Mount Rainier from the plane

1st thing I did in Seattle. Get myself some Seattle's Best for my cab ride to the convention center, yum!I had a goldfish *Delilah Jovan was her name* delivered to my hotel room.

Yep, Hotel Monaco offers you a "pet" for your stay... How could I resist that?!Polar Bear at the Green FestivalSpace Needle
I created some free time and found myself at Pike's Place MarketHollie and I grabbed some sushi from Whole Foods and ate it outside the market on the waterfront... and yes, we shared a Gaterade. How cute!
Original Starbucks
Check out all of those people taking pictures...Yep, I was one of them a minute later!
This dude's playing guitar, harmonica AND hula hooping all at once!
Gorgeous tulips in the public market
We got back to our hotel just in time for the Managers Reception, fancy for free wine hour!
Damn right it is!
We did a bar crawl after work one night, of which I didn't take pictures of. Hollie forgot her ID and that became a bit problematic, but we cabbed it back to the hotel, got her ID and continued on the bar crawl... My favorite bar was J&M, the oldest bar in Seattle.

We also went out to a nice team dinner at Cutters Bayhouse, which overlooks the water. I had fresh Alaskan Halibut, a potato cake and asparagus with a couple glasses of Cab -- to say it was an unforgettable meal is entirely an understatement. My meal was phenomenal!


If anyone is in the market for a "green" vehicle, hit me up. I know everything there is to know about the Fiesta, Escape Hybrid, Fusion Hybrid, Focus BEV (all electric vehicle), Transit Connect, Lincoln MKZ Hybrid and the MKX Hybrid. Yeah, I'm cool like that!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

what i'm loving

I'm loving that my parents are celebrating their 37th wedding anniversary today! I'm loving that I made it home! My flight was scheduled to leave Seattle at 11:00am on Monday afternoon. I was delayed 2 hours. Once en route, we were re-directed to Lubbock, TX and forced to land. I was suppose to be in Dallas for my layover at this point. Once in Lubbock I received a phone call from my airline informing me that my connecting flight to Charlotte had been cancelled. We eventually got up into the air and landed in Dallas, just for me to receive another voicemail from my airline explaining that all flights to Charlotte have been cancelled and that they have booked me on a flight to Charlotte the next day at 1:00pm. Bryan quickly went into damage control mode and booked me a hotel room in Dallas. I was forced to stay overnight and FINALLY made it home yesterday at 4:30pm. Feeeew, I spent 28 hours en route from Seattle to Charlotte! So yes, I'm loving that I'm home!!
View while descending on Lubbock, TX
I'm loving that when Bryan picked me up from the airport with Cali we went straight to our house so that I could see the progess that was made this past weekend. Our house was painted and drywalled!
I'm loving that I came home to 2 vases filled with flowers! I'm loving that Bryan and I are FINALLY able to celebrate our 1 year anniversary tonight, since we spent the actual day apart!
I'm loving that Alexis on The Real Housewives of Orange County had a photoshoot at the St. Regis in Dana Point, which is where Bry and I took our engagement photos 2 years ago

I'm loving that I will be home this weekend. The last weekend I was home for was Easter weekend. But what I'm not loving is that Bryan flies to St. Louis for a night.
I'm loving how fun Sunday's going to be! We have afternoon plans with some friends. Then later that evening we're going over to another friends house for a Memorial Day party! I kind of wanted to ask if I could bring our lunch friends to the party, but I decided against it because a couple others invited extras over already and I wouldn't want to stress out the hostess. How do you feel about people inviting strangers (their friends) to your house when you host a decent sized get-together? You okay with it or does it stress you out because you have to provide more food, seating, etc. Just curious...
I'm loving that my boy Hines Ward represented the Steeler Nation and won Dancing With The Stars last night!
I'm loving black nail polish! It's so not my style, but I secretly wanna do it. Do I dare?!
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