Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Shopping

Oh man did I have fun Christmas shopping for my family this year!
To alleviate stress, I began shopping in November.
I even bought a few things this summer in Italy too.
Since we'll be spending the holiday in California, I did a bit of online shopping and had the shipping go to my mom and dad's house.
I'll just wrap gifts there.
I feel like I have found just the right thing for everyone this year, which makes me ubber happy!
I love giving gifts!
Being in Connecticut has helped greatly.
I found the most adorable treasures for my mom here.
She loves unique things with stories behind them.
Her gift keeps growing and growing, with no end in site.
She's just so easy to shop for and I really enjoy buying neat things for her.
My dad's getting a few things this year, none of which relate to each other, but all that I know he'll like.
I have a theme going for my brother.
A theme that suits him perfectly!
I probably had the most fun shopping for my sister-in-law this year.. I'm always nervous about her gifts, always looking for a glimmer of hope that she likes them.
I really think she'll like this year's presents *yes, plural* ... I would!
My amazing neice and nephew were easy -- shopping for little ones is just so fun!!
I really think I went overboard with them and am wondering if I should save some of the stuff for their birthday presents???
All in all, I had a blast searching out gifts that suit each persons personality and interests.
I really put a lot of thought into gifts this year.
I hope it shows.
I think I'm more in the Christmas spirit this year than ever.
Could it be because it's our 1st Christmas as husband and wife?
Or is it because we're in New England right now and it's romantic and cozy and snowy?
Will I feel the same when I get to California and Bry and I are sleeping in our old bedrooms at our parents houses?
Will I feel this way when I wake up on Christmas morning at Bryan's parents house, without my family for the 1st time?
When my family dog, Abby, is not present for the 1st year in forever?
When knowing that it is the last Christmas celebrated in the house I grew up in?
So many thoughts and emotions stir up...
I'm afraid this Christmas spirit is going to leave me when I arrive in sunny California and I just want to relish in it for as long as I can.
Christmas has never been my favorite holiday, but this year it feels like it is.
I'm loving the month leading up to Christmas this year!
I'm going to stay positive and in the moment and do my best to enjoy every bit of the remainder of the holiday season!
*WOW - I think I said "this year" a record breaking time!*


  1. It sounds like your Christmas this is will be similar to mine...a lot of changes. Some scary, some sad, some unknown, some of the past being gone for good...yet some are exciting, new chapters, new traditions and a look into the future. I am with you, that it is my favorite holiday this year. In fact, from what I have experienced so far, it is going to be my family's best Christmas yet.

  2. I shopped before Thanksgiving hit. I don't like when stores are over crowded and over picked and that are awful even up to two whole months after X mas is over till spring stuff comes in!

  3. I love when you get the perfect gift for someone! It's so awesome knowing that they are going to love it! I know that I am feeling more Christmas-y this year since it's my first married Christmas. I wanna be the cute Christmas wife! Haha!

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