Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hartford, Connecticut: Pond House Cafe

Just on the outskirts of downtown Hartford, the Pond House Cafe is tucked away in the very New England style Elizabeth Park.
Bryan researched the restaurant himself and took me there on a lunch date!
How pretty is the pond all frozen over?
If it wasn't so frigid, our butts would have been sittin' on those benches!
This was, by far, the coldest day up here, so we didn't spend much time outside at. all.
I'm not quite sure why I chose to wear knit leggings when the weatherman told me there was a high in the mid-20's with the windchill bringing it down to the teens.
Teens!Bryan's hands felt like they were melting in this picture.
The air stung.
The second we took it he sprinted to the car :)
Cute snow covered bridge in front of the restaurantThe capitol of Connecticut in Hartford

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  1. I'm new...and I am in love with y'alls job! How awesome to get to travel and see the country, especially since y'all get to do it together!! Love the pictures!!


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