Wednesday, February 25, 2015

bump update - 32 weeks - round 2

Due Date: April 13, 2015 

Scheduled C-Section: April 6, 2015

Gender: Boy!

Movement: I really feel like he only wakes up when I get into bed at night and when I eat. His movements are starting to get more and more chill. Homeboy sleeps A LOT!

Feeling: I have no aches or pains, I'm sleeping like a baby, I have great energy and just overall feel really good! At the same time I see a very pregnant mama staring back at me in the mirror, and it's sometimes startling how big my belly's getting.

Food Cravings: Nothing really

Food Aversions: Fish, pickles

Clothes: I'm basically living in pre-pregnancy yoga pants. If I have to go out, I'm in maternity jeans or pre-pregnancy leggings and a combination of pre-pregnancy sweaters w/ long tank tops or maternity shirts. Getting dressed is a daily struggle! I found it so much easier to be in my 3rd trimester in warm weather

Stretch Marks: Nope, but I am carrying much more in my stomach this time and am more concerned about stretch marks than ever before

Sleep: I'm sleeping so inanely well and am really thankful for it

Symptoms: Heartburn, restless leg

What I Miss: My regular wardrobe and feeling comfortable in my own skin. But more than anything I really miss Trace being able to sit on my lap and snuggle with me comfortably

Best Moment: Trace kissing my belly. He thinks there a baby in my belly button and he's always trying to give my belly button his water. Apparently he thinks the baby is thirsty, haha!!

Memorable Moment: I scheduled my c section!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

love day

I slept in on Valentine's Day and came out of our bedroom to find Trace and Bryan watching Mickey Mouse in our bonus room. We all walked downstairs together and immediately saw a very festively decorated 1st floor. Come to find out, Bryan had snuck out of our room after I fell asleep the night before and blew up a ton of balloons, hung hearts, etc. Trace was in awe, point to and kissing every balloon on our couches. It was so cute and thoughtful of Bryan!

 That afternoon we headed out to run some errands and stopped at Barnes and Noble so that Trace could play with the train set they have in the back. He loves it so much and literally screams, cries his loudest and makes an embarrassing scene as we peel him away from the train set and carry him out of the store. Oh my word. It's baaaaaad!

Back home with my Valentine's!

Bryan's annual tradition is to make a menu and for us to take the leaf out of our table and eat to candlelight. Valentine's Day has never been a big deal to me, but Bryan always has a way of making me feel extra special and loved on this love day!

Monday, February 16, 2015

it's a date!

I just officially scheduled my baby's birth. WOAH! 
Such a weird and unnatural thing to do. 
12:30pm? Sure that sounds like a good time to have a baby! LOL!!! 
Feeling very grateful that my FRIEND will be delivering him! 
We have a lunch date... I'll bring the nerves, she'll bring the scalpel.

Monday, February 9, 2015

warm winters rock

This weekend was too good! We spent a lot of time with friends in our backyard, making some progress on little mans room and just simply relaxing. The weather was typical SoCal weather and this outdoorsy, sun loving family was in heaven!

Lake days are our favorite! 

Can someone please tell me how I get so lucky to not only raise one but TWO boys, eek!

Friday, February 6, 2015

bump update - 30 weeks - round 2

This picture doesn't do my bump justice. For my 32 week update I'll be sure to take it from a better angle

Due Date: April 13, 2015 (I'll have a scheduled c-section sometime between April 6th-10th)

Gender: Boy!

Movement: Constant movement and this baby is in my ribs (Trace never was)... what a strange and uncomfortable feeling, especially when I bend over or get low (to pick something up off the ground, to talk to Trace at eye level, etc)

Feeling: Really pregnant! I feel like I woke up the day I became 30 weeks, looked in the mirror and shocked myself at how big I've gotten in just the past week. And having everyone I see say "Wow! You've gotten BIG" hasn't helped much :/

Food Cravings: Pastry-like sweets, which is so funny because I'm not even a sweets or dough lover, but I guess that's why they call them pregnancy cravings

Food Aversions: Fish, Asian food, pickles

Clothes: I don't even want to talk about clothes. Too depressing! Basically, at this point with Trace it was warm out, so I was able to wear sundresses, maxi dresses, tank tops, etc and it was wonderful. Being stuck in jeans and leggings is just torture right now. They're all so constricting, my jeans are becoming really uncomfortable and I'm so over leggings and how big they make my ass look. Ugh...

Stretch Marks: Nope, but I am carrying much more in my stomach this time and am more concerned about stretch marks than ever before

Sleep: I'm am sleeping so inanely well and really thankful for it

Symptoms: My big belly is making it harder and harder to bend over, get up off of the couch/floor and play with Trace. I have consistent heartburn also

What I Miss: My regular wardrobe and feeling comfortable in my own skin. But more than anything I really miss Trace being able to sit on my lap and snuggle with me comfortably

Best Moment: Bryan painted the nursery and I've finally chosen a loose theme/colors for the room

Memorable Moment: Asking my friend to deliver my little guy!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

find your why

Knowing that I get to work in the pockets of my life and my only is boss my calendar.... all while spending the majority of my time doing things like THIS with Trace.... Um yes, I have the best of both worlds and wouldn't trade it for anything! I mean, I'm a stay at home mom and don't even consider my job to be work. 

My why is what drives me. My why is a little boy named Trace and the little stinker who's currently karate chopping my insides in half! 

Monday, February 2, 2015

a follow-up to my previous "superfood" post

Hellllllo from my bubble loving boy and I!

So many of you have sent me e-mails asking for more information on my "journey to a healthier lifestyle" post. I've responded to everyone and have spoken to many of you on the phone. An exciting amount of you have taken control of your health and have dove head first into this incredible lifestyle with me -- you know who you are -- and you are thriving! 

loving the taste of everything
feeling alive
sleeping better
experiencing a personal journey
mommy pooch is going away
losing not just weight, but inches

These are just a few of the things that have been said to me in texts, phone calls and facebook messages just this past week! And it brings me to tears. Tears of happiness for others. Tears of fulfillment. Tears of me knowing that I've found my purpose. 

I feel so insanely blessed (overused word, I know) to be walking this journey! I don't really have any big revelation to talk about right now, I just want to let you all know that if you are at a place in your life to where you want to make a change, take control of your health, be a more energetic mommy or just simply are sick of feeling icky in a bathing suit... I am so totally here for you!