Friday, March 25, 2016

randomness for the day

Hiiiiii friends!
I am so behind on blogging that it's kind of overwhelming to think about. 
Pretty sure I need to pick up somewhere in January... and that feel like forever ago.
So I just drank a large cup of coffee, don't feel like catching up on posts at all and am going to dump a bunch of randomness onto this little space of mine.........

1. I'm done having kids and it's the best feeling ever. Like eeeeeeever!

2. Being a boy mom is where it's at. I don't feel like I'm missing out on a thing by not having a daughter and I'm not as girly as I tend to look, lol, so playing in dirt, building forts and catching bugs are all right up my alley

3. Landon's almost 1 and I might die. Hoooow does time go so fast when we're adults but so dang slow when we're kids. I mean, a school year used to feel like forever and now I blink and another year has past.

4. Bryan being home with us everyday rocks! I'd legit lose my shit if I had to parent alone and I give mad props to all of you single moms and stay at home moms who hold it down on your own. My mom was a sahm and my dad travelled out of state weekly.... she's easily my hero!

5. My little home health and nutrition business is blowing up and I can't sleep at night because I'm so excited for all of the lives being changed. Does anyone else lose sleep over others peoples joy like I do? Or am I just super freaking weird?!

7. Winter can go eff itself. It doesn't even get super cold here in Charlotte, but the dead trees and gray skies kill me. I'm so glad spring is here and that humidity is around the corner haha!

8. Trace is a rule follower and Landon is a rule breaker. I love them equally and wonder if it's possible to kiss them too much or squeeze them too tight...

9. We're going to the beach for a week and I can't wait to play with my kids in the sand and sport my new "mom" bikini... because we all know full coverage bottoms are a must with littles around! 

10. Our super talented babysitter moonlights as a photographer and snapped this picture of my family. I can't even handle the fact that these are my people.... and that I'm a mom. I'm the mom. Blows my mind regularly......... How beautiful are my little guys? I mean COME ON!! So cute!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

UPDATE -- my journey to a healthier lifestyle: #teamanchored

I posted this a little over a year ago and I've had a baby since then, so I wanted do a little update at the end...

I'm thinking that this blog isn't enough...
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Picture taken February 2016, feeling better then ever after 2 kids in less than 2 years!

There is $186 million / day spent on diet products in the US alone that DO NOT WORK.
This is NOT a diet. This IS a LIFESTYLE.

A Little Background
I’ve eaten this superfood off and on for almost 5 years now, so this isn’t a new thing for me or a “fad” or anything like that! When I was “training” for my wedding back in April 2010 (aka getting in the best shape of my life) I used this nutritional rebalancing program for 6 weeks and lost 18 lbs. I was at the lowest weight I’d ever been at as an adult and felt healthier and more energized than I knew was possible. I was putting good stuff in and getting the bad stuff out... it wasn't magic and it wasn't hard. I was eating about 1,200 calories a day. The body needs fuel and I was fueling it with the best of the best, which is why I saw results so quickly. Ever since then, this product became my lifestyle and I've used it for years now...
Left: Croatia 2 weeks after our wedding /// Right: British Virgin Islands days after our wedding

Fast Forward to This Past SummerI committed fully to this healthier lifestyle and lost 13lbs in 1 month, all while eating about 1,200 calories/day. I was on top of the world! I’m dead serious when I say that this past summer I had NEVER felt better! Because I had rid my body of nasty toxins and was instead putting the best nutrients into it (300 nutrients to be exact)! I mean... I woke up at 6:30am and I never peaked or crashed. I turned into a go go go game-playing, tickle-monster, chasing-you-around-the-house laughing hysterically kinda mama. And I did it all. day. long. Without caffeine! I had a ton of energy at bath-time and was sad to see Trace go to sleep at bedtime. Truth be told, before then I used to count down the minutes until bedtime because I’d be so worn out by the happenings of the day. But this summer I was sad at bedtime and wanted HIM to stay up to play with ME!! When we are alkaline our blood and health are remarkable! If you follow me on Instagram you might have noticed a change in me -- a physical, emotional, spiritual evolution had occurred. And apparently Bry liked the "new and improved me" because before I knew it I was pregnant again. 

* 2nd picture - day 1 on my nutritional rebalancing program in June 2014
* 3rd picture - 2 weeks later
* 1st picture - 1 year to the day prior to the 3rd picture

Where I am Today
I'm so grateful that the nutritional rebalancing program I've been on for nearly 5 years is pregnancy (and breastfeeding) safe! This same nutrition that helped me lose all of that weight for my wedding and just this past summer is now helping me stay healthy throughout this pregnancy. With the combination of the highest quality, most absorbable organic denatured whey protein and 72 trace organic minerals that most of our regular food is depleted of, my baby is benefiting from the same nutrients that have been so life changing for me! I totally wish I would have used it when I was pregnant with Trace... because let me tell you, when comparing my last pregnancy to this one, my physical appearance is way different!! I'm carrying more in my belly right now vs. how I carried with Trace, which showed equal weight gain in my face/arms/legs/belly... I look much more healthy, less bloated, etc this time (even though I've technically gained more weight on the scale)!! Most importantly, I FEEL healthier because I AM healthier!

Food for Fuel
It's non-GMO, organically based, is soy free and exceeds USDA standards. Knowing that it's been so easy to take control of my health (and my unborn child's health!) has lifted a huge weight off of my shoulders. I want to put the best of the best in my body, to keep it running at full-speed for as long as possible, know what I’m sayin’?! A lot of us eat food for enjoyment. But lets face it, our body is designed to eat food for life! To live!! We better fuel it properly.

March 2016
This time last year I was a few weeks away from my 2nd c-section and because of my superfood nutrition I was sleeping through the night, had minimal aches and pains and I was waking up feeling energized! Best of all, I was still able to run around the yard and dance our silly dance with my 1.5 year old, who needed and deserved me, his mommy, at my best (even if I was zero-ing in on 40 weeks pregnant). And that little baby in my belly, gosh has he been strong, healthy and developmentally on track since birth. Just check out that alert little guy looking at himself in my phone, haha! I'm in my mid-30s, am feeling comfortable in my skin and believe that this superfood system is the best gift we can give to ourselves... to our unborn children............ and, of course, it's such a blessing postpartum and beyond!
Full-time Family
My husband quit his job in medical sales back in May 2015 and we've been a full-time family ever since. He's home with us everyday and it's better than I ever could have imaged. We have all of the freedom in the world.... freedom to contribute, freedom to travel, freedom to love on our babies anytime we want. It's a beautiful life and I still pinch myself knowing that we are a full-time simply because I decided to use this nutrition. Blows my mind and brings me to my knees thanking God... And I'm nothing special or unique. This life can be yours too......