Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Eve and Morning at Bryan's Parents House

Bryan and I spent Christmas Eve with his family at his parents house.
My mother in law baked a ham and had wonderful side dishes accompany it.
For dessert, homemade fudge!
After we all cleaned up the kitchen and digested some food, we broke out the Mexican Train Game and sat around the kitchen table playing until about 11:30pm.
What a fun game!
I had played once before at their house, but didn't really realize how fun it is.
Now I must go out and find it so we can play in North Carolina!
Christmas morning came SO fast!
My mother in law decorated her house super cute.
I was nervous to spend my 1st Christmas morning away from my family and honestly, it couldn't have gone better.
I felt at home and their home felt so warm and festive.My mother in law made me a stocking and hung it next to Bryan's.
I love it!
With Bryan's help, Cali got a stocking too!
Myself, Bryan, his brother and our dogs on Christmas morning
Attemping our 1st Christmas morning family photo
Cali tortured poor Mac. He's so old and she's so... not.
Look at her stance -- she's punkin' him and was about to pounce!
Mac got a bag of HUGE dog bones and Cali decided that she'd help herself to one... it's bigger than she is!
Bryan tackled his dad, haha!
We got my father in law a toy helicopter for Christmas... Bryan's mom got him a baby one too!
Boys love their toys, it's ageless, therefore they both spent most of the morning out back with their helicopters!

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  1. What a cute stocking! I'm glad that ya'll had a good Christmas!


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