Monday, September 30, 2013

3 months

 3 months as of September 26, 2013
Weight: 13.8 lbs. // 25-50th percentile
Length:  25 inches // 75th percentile

Clothes: You continue to wear your 0-3 month and 3 months clothes, but I've had to put some of the smaller 0-3 month clothes away. I'm getting so sick of these clothes that I think I might start putting you in some of your 3-6 month clothes, just to switch it up a bit...

Health: Your immune system thus far is impeccable, knock on wood. You love your hands and are constantly sticking them in your mouth, which makes me think that you're bound to get sick soon. In preperation for your first stuffy nose or cold, I've recently stocked up on medicine, but I sure hope we don't need to use it anytime soon! ... Your physical health is not at 100%. You started to see a physical therapist 3 weeks ago and all of the stretches, excersises and extra activities that she's tough us to do 4 times/day at home have really improved your neck strength. Last week, on the day you turned 12 weeks old, your pt suggested I start you in the Bumbo... to my astonishment, she said you were ready. That was music to me ears, knowing that your neck muscles have strengthened enough to hold your head up on your own. You're a bit of a bobble head, but you love sitting up, moving your head from side to side and examining your surroundings as if you've never seen them before. It's a damn shame you were both "stuck in 1 position"  while in me and had such a "tramatic" birth (their words), otherwise we wouldn't be going through this. But you're such a trooper with all of our at-home exercises/stretches and you love your pt! She has been a blessing on many levels and has been a great support to me. 

Diet: You take 6 bottles/day - mix of breastmilk and formula. You're still on Similac Sensitive, which has worked wonders for your little tummy and we continue to use Little Remedy's Gas Relief Drops in your last bottle of the night (it helps you to sleep longer stretches). Up until last week you took 5 4 oz bottles throughout the day and 1 5 oz bottle as your last bottle of the day at 7:30pm. You've now graduated to 5 5oz. bottles and 1 6 oz. bottle before bed, which continues to always be breastmilk.

Sleep:  Sleep. Oh sleep, how you have fluctuated over the past month! Several weeks ago you told us that you wanted to start going to bed earlier. You were just so done with your day that you would fuss, cry, scream -- you name it, you did it -- and NOTHING would make you happy... except your bath. You sure love your baths! But best believe the second we'd take you out of that warm bath water you'd be crying so loud that I'm sure our neighbors could here you. So bathtime was moved up to 7:00/7:15pm and you are ready for bed, with your bottle in your mouth, at 7:30pm and asleep at 8:00pm. You were doing so well, only waking up once throughout the night, but we decided it was time to break you of the swaddle and you regressed, waking up twice/night. That was pretty rough for us for about 2 weeks, but thankfully you're back to only waking up once/night -- sometime between 3:30-4:30am. Then you're up for the day at 7:00pm. You heard that right... Trace now sleeps from 8:00pm-7:00am, only waking up for a 30 minute middle of the night feeding. It's glorious, I tell you! And starting at 10 weeks old, you've slept 11 hours straight 3 times!

 Baby Gear Love: activity mat, Baby Einstein musical toy, mirrors, firefly toy, Bumbo

Likes: smiling, looking up (usually at the sky or the fan), talking, sucking on his fists, eating, getting a diaper change, talking, to be bounced, his car seat, bath time, sucking on and playing peek-a-boo with Aden + Anais swaddling blankets, pop-up books, watching tv, rolling over (from stomach to back)

Dislikes: pacifier, swing most of the time, the feeling of frustration, evening-time, wet/dirty diaper, when he can't find his fist, when the sun is in his eyes

Crying: Boy -- There was a 2 week period that you would cry for no reason at all. I put you down, you cry. I pick you up, you cry. I look at you the wrong way, you cry. I let you play with a toy too long, you cry. A light breeze hits your face, you cry. You even started to wake up from naps crying. But I'm happy to say you are back to your happy self, pretty much only crying when you're sleepy, hungry, have a dirty diaper, gas or are feeling frustrated.

Milestones: You love to roll over, from stomach to back. It's the cutest thing to watch you slightly rock back and forth, gain momentum then tumble over onto your back looking for praise, of which you get every time! You hold your head so well now -- I can't believe that I can walk around with you without having one hand on the back of your head. How'd that happen so fast? You also love to sit up in the corner of the couch, on our laps or in your Bumbo and just watch the world go by. Out of the blue you desided that you hated the pacifier and have refused it for weeks, seems as though you've taken to sucking on your blankets and fingers instead. It's not clear which fingers you'll decide on, but it's looking like your favorites are the same ones that your mommy used to suck. Oddly enough, you've recently started to notice the tv and will even watch it. I'm sure it's the bright colors that catch your eye, or maybe you just really like Kelly and Michael :) Smiling - Oh smiling. We can't get enough of your toothless smiles and giggles. It might just be the cutest thing I've ever witnessed! And your cuddles. They mean so much more to me now than they did in the beginning... because it seems as if you're choosing to fall asleep on me instead of whining for your crib... and that my son, is heaven for your mommy and daddy. You are a boy who loves to talk. You just babble like crazy and sometimes we think you might actually be telling us a story in your own little language. I like to think you're explaining all of the adventures you go on in your dreams :)

Mommyhood: This 3 month stage is my absolute favorite. Trace is now 13.5 weeks old and weeks 12 and 13 have been the absolute best! You can recognize me when I enter the room, you really play with your toys and your cuddles are so generous. I really can't get over how much fun you've become. Almost like you've come alive! I've heard those 1st 3 month of life compared to as "the 4th trimester" and I completely agree that it is. It was a lot of work, well worth it, but tough. Now we're onto the fun stuff.... This is going to be the best fall of my life!

Scenes from the past month!

Friday, September 27, 2013

best east coast coffee

Is from a gas station. 
Dead. Serious!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

these two

 Anna, on the left, lives in Missouri.
She came to my baby shower, I went to the NASCAR race with her and she's just totally awesome.
Hollie, in the middle, lives in Salt Lake City.
She's one of my closest friends, we've traveled the country together, our husbands are super close and she's pregnant with her 2nd son. Our boys will be the best of friends if we have anything to do with it!
And, thanks to our jobs, even though we live in 3 different states, we're all friends.
Both mean the world to me and I couldn't have been happier to see them and introduce them to Trace!


Monday, September 23, 2013

while the kids are away, the parents will play

Summer might officially be over, but we're pretty much ignoring that fact.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

our 1st and last bbq of the summer

Now that Trace isn't a fragile newborn, we're able to get out and about more. And let me tell you, we are taking advantage of our mild late summer weather and have been showing Trace around his stomping grounds a lot lately. And in typical 'Bryan and Kate fashion' we took Trace on his 1st picnic and invited my parents to join us. It was their last weekend with us for a while, so we decided to just go to a park near our house and enjoy the afternoon. We even got to use the picnic blanket that Bryan proposed to me on and that I told Bryan I was pregnant on.... Trace was oblivious, but it was special to us! (no picture of it taken)
And just like that, my parents are back in California with their other grandchildren until late October, when they come back to see Trace in his 1st Halloween costume...

Monday, September 16, 2013

lil studmuffin

I dare you to find me a more cool and cute 2.5 month old. 
Dare. You.

My child looks like a real life doll in the above picture. I can't get enough of that kiddo!

So excited for Trace to grow up on the lake!

I'm serious Mom, no more pictures...

Trace's 1st dinner at The Rudder... He didn't quite appreciate the reggae band, lake view and pumpkin ale like I did...

Because I'm obsessed with my kids, here's the cutest picture of them (with us) to date!

Pinch me. I still can't believe all of this is out my backyard!