Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's so good to be home!

As much as North Carolina is now home, I've realized that California will always be home too.
For instance...
I have to use my gps everywhere I go in North Carolina.
I need it if I go further than 10 miles from where I live.
I can't even get myself to the mall or to the airport or to Trader Joes without it.
When in California I know the back roads around traffic.
I know the most efficient way to exit a strip mall, depending on the direction I need to go in.
I can get myself anywhere within a 100 mile radius without a gps, including all over LA and San Diego.
Although Bryan and I moved to North Carolina in April, due to our extreme work schedule and travels, we have only actually spent 4 months living there.
Bryan and I lived in Orange County for nearly 30 years.
That, among so many other things, makes me realize that although Bryan and I don't have a home here in CA *well, we actually do, but that's a whole other story*, it still is home.
It always will be.
When in North Carolina I find that we don't talk about our life in California really ever, mostly because people don't ask or seem interested when we do.
It is who we are though.
No way around it.
Everything about us is straight out of the west coast and southern California.
We even named our dog after our great state!
My dad picked me up from the airport last night.
He brought Cali with him.
It felt so good for Bryan and I to be reunited with our little fur baby!Too many distractions around for Cali to focus on the camera
And yes, she's in an adorable rain coat. It's pouring in California, so my parents bought it for her!I have somehow gotten sick again.
Antibiotics again.
Boo hoo!
When I walked into my parents house my mom greeted me with lots of love and a warm cup of tea.
My dad added his special touch, Irish Whiskey.
It's so good to be home!
I was so tired, but wanted to stay up and talk for a while with my parents.
My mom proceeded to give me a Christmas present.
It's so good to be home!
And I was kind of apprehensive to come back and feel like a 29 year old kid sleeping in my childhood room.
Well, my amazing mother completely re-did our bonus room and made it into the most beautiful guest bedroom I have ever seen.
They just got new bedroom furniture and bedding, so their old stuff is now in the guest room.
White wicker furniture. Cozy cream and tan bedding. Various shades of pink and rose accents. A tv. Lots of lighting. A picture of Bryan and I and my neice and nephew.
It's just perfect...
It's so good to be home!

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