Thursday, September 29, 2011

our past month at a glance: weeks 1-4

Over the past 4 weeks we have driven from Point A to Point J and have stayed and/or worked in all of the locations in between.

For us, every mile is a memory!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

lubbock, tx

Bryan and I had an equal dislike for Lubbock.
If you don't go to Texas Tech there's really no need to be there.
If it wasn't for this cute, smack-talkin' kid who challenged Bryan to a game of basketball or horse every night, it would have been an entirely uneventful week.

Dry, dead grass everywhere.
That is the lasting memory I have of Lubbock.
There is no color in sight.
I'm craving color!

We worked at Texas Tech all week and were given free tickets to the Texas Tech vs. Nevada game.
Instead of going, we decided to hit the road and hightail our fanny's out of Lubbock...

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

northeastern new mexico

Hilly terrain in the background.
Green fields in the foreground.
Wild horses, cows and deer grazing.
Yellow wildflowers line the highway.

The USA is one beautiful country!

Monday, September 26, 2011

1st snow of the year

How beautiful is this mountain peak near Colorado Springs?
It was our 1st sighting of snow this year... I mean, it's only mid September!

Friday, September 23, 2011

seasons change every 3 months... every year

It seems like everyone and their mother confuses Labor Day with the beginning of fall these days.
It's like, white is out.
Autumn is in.
No. No. No.
Labor Day is not the first day of fall.

Today is the first day of fall!

Goodbye summer.
I will officially miss you, although in my world, you're not really gone.

I'm still getting used to this whole "seasons" thing.
Living in southern California all my life, the change of seasons was so minor and definitely did not come at the appropriate times.
There were many a year when I wore flip flips or sandals on Christmas day and a sweatshirt and jeans in June.

But I am accustom to the changing of seasons.
I've been traveling for my job for 7 years now.
And because of this, I've experienced the changing of seasons for all of my adult years.

Seasons change every 3 months... every year.
No new revelation.

It's always the people that grew up with seasons that react so strongly when they change.
It's as if they act all surprised that it's cooler outside in the fall and warmer outside in the spring.

Every facebook status update is related to the season:
"It's so cold outside. When did this happen?"

And then it's 85 degrees out the next day.

I just don't get it.
We know it's coming.
We all get that the earth rotates around the sun.

It gets cool every fall and they get all excited.
Then a few months into the cool whether they start complaining about it being cold.
And it gets warm every spring and they get all excited.
Then a few months in they start complaining about it being too hot.
You know those people?

I get being excited about the seasons changing.
It's worth getting excited over!
But being surprised or complaining about it?
That's what I can't grasp!

I appreciate seasons.
Love the changing of seasons.
Am excited to be living in a state where seasons change.
But I'm never surprised by them, nor do I feel the need to complain about them.
Unless they damage my home. Then I'll be pissed!

Today I am in Texas.
I'm not sure the first day of fall means anything to Texans.
I mean, it means nothing to me while I'm in Texas.
It's suppose to be 100 degrees this weekend.
No pumpkin spiced latte for me.
I'll stick to sippin' a Cadillac Margarita or a glass of Sauvignon Blanc while outside on a patio.
That sounds great, actually!
It kinda makes me feel like I'm back in CA anyway.
But without the ocean view and Santa Ana's.
Oh how I do not miss those asthma inducing winds!

I'm in Texas for 3 weeks right now.
3 dry and hot weeks.
Then I head up to some cooler states.
My body will probably go into shock when it feels cool, crisp air.

But alas, I will head back to Texas again.
Because it seems like I am stuck in Texas this fall.
It's so dry here that my hands are cracking.
I'm constantly thirsty.
I'm not the biggest fan of Texas, but I take it for what it is and enjoy my days as they are.

So it looks like I'll be rockin' sundresses well into November and I'm more than okay with that!

Before any Texans get all heated and spew fightin' words my way ... I know how you all defend and love your state to know end.
Know that I love San Antonio, Fort Worth and Austin.
Houston is eh, not so bad either.
But the state as a whole?
Yeah, it's just not my cup of tea.
And I'm not saying that as an uneducated traveler.
I have 47 other states that I've been to... that I compare it to.
And I think I'd rather spend fall in about 45 other states than Texas.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

i actually went 1 month without...


I think this is the first time in my adult life that I went an entire 30 days without shopping.
I didn't purchase a single article of clothing, costume jewelry, fun accessories or shoes.
I did not tempt myself by entering a mall or a boutique, just to test out my willpower.
I know myself too well.

I have no willpower when around new pretty things.
I can sniff out good shopping.
So I stayed away.
Far, far away.
And I was successful.

In all honesty, this was not easy for me.
I had the urge many times.
But it taught me SO many things about myself.

For one, it taught me how strong I am.

Yes, I said strong.

It took an immense amount of strength to stay away from the new fall lines.
I seriously felt heartache when I was in eye sight of a mall.

I love getting a good deal and I love paying full price for something I can't live without.
I think I love these things a lil too much.
But you can't help what makes you happy, now can you?

And the best part of not shopping for a month?
I just checked my credit card statement online and my monthly total is $61.


No need to check your eyes, you read that right!

I have not spent a single dime buying things I do not need in the past 30 days.
And my credit card statement proves it!

I did spent $61 on something extremely important -- a darling gift basket for one of my close friends (we were in each others weddings) who just had her first baby.
I'd post a picture of him on here, but she'd murder me, so instead you get this...

Cutest bump ever!
(Sorry you don't get her face either... she'd prob murder me for that too. Girlfriend is Private with a capital "P"!)

And this, the gift basket.

I challenge you.
Can you go 30 days without shopping?
If you can't, why do you think you cannot? What does that say about you?
If you can, then do it!
You will feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and your bank account will be your much deserving reward.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

mile high city

When Kylee and I were in 5th grade we were on the same soccer team.
She didn't like me... I was too girly.
I didn't care for her... she was too competitive.
But playing tennis together all 4 years of high school made us the best of friends.
She went away to college at CU Boulder and every year I spent a long weekend visiting her.
I even flew to Spain to visit her for 2 weeks while she was studying abroad.
I was her MOH and she was in my wedding too!
Sometimes you don't need to live near each other or talk all of the time to know that you have a true friend.
We shared secrets, talked about adult stuff, had some really hard laughs and walked down memory lane.
I have a true friend in Kylee and really enjoyed our night together!

The next night Bryan and I went to the Rockies vs. Giants game.
And you know what?
This was Bryan's 20th stadium -- I'm so excited for him!

Just a block from the stadium was Denver's Oktoberfest

The next morning we woke up bright and early to work at Mile High Stadium.
Broncos vs. Bengals

We were in Denver for 48 hours and absolutely maximized our time.
Seriously had a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

fort collins, co

A couple years ago I planned a bachelorette party to Cheyenne, WY.
The bride and her friends lived in Denver, so on our drive up we stopped off at the New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins.
Clearly it was mine and Bryan's 1st stop this week too!
Not only does New Belgium brew the popular Fat Tire and Sunshine beers, but they also have free tastings.
4 large free tastings!

Old Town Fort Collins has piano's everywhere for passer-by's to play. I can play Christmas carols!
Sunset over the Rockies from our hotel window

It was a 50 degree rainy night, so while most people cozied up to their fireplace, Bryan and I ventured out to Old Town for some of the best margaritas the country has to offer.
Yes, I said the country.
You see, The Rio's margaritas were voted Best Margarita in the Country!
I've spent several weeks of my life in Denver and always seem to find myself at The Rio downtown at some point, but the original Rio is in Fort Collins.

Marg numero uno - Frozen Mango

My honey's a manly wuss - he likes frozen Strawberry!

Marg numero dos - "original Rio" on the rocks

I was feelin' no pain at this point!
And no, I'm not that big of a lightweight.
The Rio has a 3 Margarita max rule--- that's how deliciously strong they are!
And I drank 2.
Margarita's are my favorite alcoholic beverage.
If you see pictures of me when I turned 21, you'd see quite a weight gain. It was because all I drank were margarita's. LOVE them!
So good... my mouth is watering for 1 right now!

Monday, September 19, 2011

we're not in kansas anymore

Oh wait.
Yes we are!
Kansas is so perfectly flat and dry and simple.
It's the heartland and it's beautiful!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

lewisville lake

After spending a pretty boring week in Dallas, we knew that nothing could snap us out of our rut more than a lake view would.
We headed up to Denton for a few nights and went out to Sneaky Pete's on Lewisville Lake.
This place is huge!
Lake front.
Boat slips.
2 swimming pools.
Hot tub.
Numerous indoor and ourdoor bars.
Sliding board.
4 volleyball courts.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

a change was SO needed

A couple weeks ago I did this to my hair...

No, I do not love it.
No, I do not think it represents my personality well.
No, I will not have dark brown hair forever.
I needed a change.
And change is what I have!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

cali's in cali... such a jet setter she is!

Calz is so loved by both sets of her grand parents... and spoiled like crazy!
Thanks to my dad, she only flies first class.
He runs her in the morning and walks her in the evening.
My mom cleans out her eyes in the morning and bathes her weekly.
She gets turkey daily.
My parents let her sleep in their bed and under their covers... just how she likes it.
She lays out in the sun and by the pool all day.
Sits on my dads lap while he works from home.
And cuddles with my parents on the couch at night.
She's got a dream life when in CA!
My mom sent me this picture as a text -- she took Cali to work with her.
Cutest paperweight I've ever seen!

Bryan's parents love our little fur-child just like a grandchild.
His mom worries about her while she's at work and doesn't plan afterwork activities or weekend activities when Cali's around. LOL!
Bry's dad gives her a hard time, but loves having her around.
Mac, Bry's old yellow lab, is unamused by Calz, but Calz thinks she has a friend in her Uncle Mac and likes to push his buttons.
We skype our dog.
Yep. We do.
And we don't think it's weird at all.
In fact, Bryan and I yell Cali's name over and over again. That's what you see in this picture. She's cocking her head and staring because she can clearly hear us, but can't figure it all out... she's just a dog, ya know ;)

We miss our fur-baby like crazy, but know that she's in such great hands!
Girlfriends got a life filled with an immense amount love and exploration... most people would kill to have her life.

Monday, September 12, 2011

tropical storm lee

... ruined our Labor Day weekend!