Monday, December 13, 2010

Rainy Football Sunday

Sunday was one of those days that I secretly look forward to.
But sshhhhh, it's a secret.
Of course I prefer rainless days, but when a big rain storm comes through, I find myself happy to stay home, not shower, not put on make up and just enjoy a simple day in.
Well home for me right now is a hotel room.
I have no complaints though, especially because we were upgraded to a hotel room that is 2 stories with a real fireplace, a full kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 2 tv's!
Outside our front door was a 20 degree rainstorm, brrrrrr!
Aw, there she is... Our 26ft Penske that hauls all of our event supplies.
Ain't she perty? Bryan was sneakily *not a word, but whatev* working on a Christmas present for me all day.
Me likey!
And how cute does he look with his messy boy-like hair and glasses on?
Love him.
While Bry was on the computer, I was curled up with my blanket... sporting my Steelers shirt.... watching football all day.
I loved watching USC grad's Carson Palmer and Troy Polamalu go head to head, especially Polamalu's awesome interception of Palmer's throw. It's got to be bizarre playing against not only your old college teammate, but your old college roommate!
It was a GREAT win for the Steelers and I was HAP-->HAP-->HAPPY!
Side note:
Carson Palmer went to high school 5 minutes from where I grew up. My brother and tons of my friends went to his high school (and graduated with him). I went to Carson Palmer's senior prom. Not with him, clearly, but with a friend of mine. I totally remember him because he was such a stud and his girlfriend went to my church.
Double side note:
The NY Jett's quarterback, Mark Sanchez, went to Mission Viejo High School and wears his MV Diablo's hat in a lot of the press conferences after his games. The ESPN camera's even followed him back to his high school field recently and did a really neat piece on him. Well, I'm from Mission Viejo and my parents still live there. Although Sanchez is younger than me, it's still pretty cool to see my hometown get shoutouts on tv!


  1. Thank you for following me!!! I can't believe you are a Steelers fan!! Lol..I went to college with Ben Roethlisberger but since I am from Cincinnati I'm a huge Bengals fan (even though it's a little embarrassing admitting that this year!) I'm really looking forward to reading your blog!!!!

  2. I'm not into football my hubs is OB-SSESED. I bet he'd be interested in your stats ;)

    A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984


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