Wednesday, May 28, 2014

cornhole with the in-laws

Bryan's parents just spent 5 weeks visiting us from California. They stayed at my parents apartment, immersed themselves in Trace's life and helped out in every way possible. Bryan's dad is Mr. Fix-It, so we quickly put him to work installing our Safe Rack, helping us start a garden, adding some shelving to various closets and so much more! We had a blast having them out with us -- I might be the only daughter in-law to ever say that and genuinely mean it -- and were lucky to end their stay in Charlotte with Bryan's brother, Jimmy, who flew in the night before my in-laws headed home. We spent that evening in our backyard together playing in a fierce cornhole tournament against each other, BBQing some chicken and eating dinner outside. I envision this to be a precursor to what the rest of our summer will look like...

As the sun started to go down for the day, Bryan and I faced off in a hilarious round. Needless to say, he kicked butt and I was sent back to my lounge chair to watch his dad kill him in the finals. Watching Bryan lose is quite a sight, and let me tell you, this loss was a memorable one!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I'm so glad that Bryan showed up to the church on May 22, 2010 and that he's shown up in our marriage everyday since. He makes marriage look easy, and because of him, our marriage has been full of romance, adventure and growth. We enjoy the simplicity of sitting in our backyard as much as we enjoy going on fancy vacations... as long as we're together, we're happy. 

I remember when we got engaged my mom said "as long as you have fun together and you like each other, you will go the distance." I've got to say, we have too much fun together and I like the crap outta him, so so far, so good! 

My parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary on Sunday while on a 2 week vacation to France -- They spent several days in Paris, cruised the Siene River for a week, payed their respects to Normandy and rented a villa in a medieval village 2 hours from Paris for a few days. Eat, drink be merry sums it up pretty well! I hope Bryan and I are having as much fun with each other and like each other as much as my parents do after 40 years of marriage! 

Good God I'll be 69 when we're married that long... pass me a stiff drink NOW!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

rhode island, the ocean state

I spent last weekend soaking up the beautiful spring weather in Rhode Island. My first stop was Newport, where I drove through town and took in the views along the Cliff Walk. Bryan and I had been here during the fall a few years ago, so it was cool to be back this time of year.
From Newport I headed north to Tiverton to have dinner at Boat House Waterfront Dining. We ate dinner on adirondack chairs while taking in the sunset over Mt Hope Bay. It's worth noting that my scallops over risotto were seriously incredible!
Before heading home I had my first Awful Awful experience at Newport Creamery. It was okay, but nothing to right home about. But you know what is worth writing home about? The perks of first class, the view of Lake Norman (I spy my neighborhood!) and the Charlotte skyline.
Thank you, Rhode Island, for providing me with perfect weather, great food and salty ocean air!

Monday, May 19, 2014

monday was my mother's day

I spent my first Mother's Day working at an air show in New Jersey and flying home that evening. Trace was fast asleep by the time I got home, but Bryan made sure my day was memorable. He had sent 3 cards to my hotel -- 1 from himself, 1 from Trace and 1 from Cali. He also surprised me with the sweetest blog post! After flying home that night I walked into my house to find 4 dozen roses, more cards and best of all... an incredible pencil drawing that Bryan had commissioned of a picture of Trace and I!
We had decided that Monday would be my Mother's Day, so we set out on a family fun day of strawberry picking in Carrigan Farms strawberry fields.
I love to watch Trace explore the beauty that this world has to offer, even if it is just a simple strawberry that he, himself, picked. It's the quiet moments, filled to the brim with discover, that I cherish the most. So proud of who this little boy is becoming.
Trace had too much fun squishing strawberries in his tiny hands, so instead of running home to give him a bath, we picked up Cali and headed to the lake to wash his sticky fingers off.  Cali swam while Trace swang on the swingset.  We went for a walk and sat down on the shoreline to watch all of the boats and kayaks pass.
It honestly was the perfect Mother's Day. I'm so honored that God chose me to be Trace's mommy! And of course, Cali's mommy too :)

* You can read about our trip to Carrigan Farms pumpkin patch here

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

bradentown, nj

This past weekend I was in New Jersey for work and was so excited to squeeze in some time with one of my closest friends from Charlotte, who moved up to Jersey after she married her husband last fall (wedding recap here). I miss Ashton like crazy and love any time I get to spend with her! We went to dinner in Historic Bradentown and bought ourselves a bottle of wine from the local corner liquor store and ate at a great byob restaurant called Oliver. We sat at a little table for two outside for hours, enjoying the warm weather and conversation... aaaaaand then I got shit on by a bird. Yep, homeboy had impeccable aim, haha!
Bradentown is quite charming, with their historic road lined with overgrown trees, brick buildings, fire escapes and authentic old fashioned store fronts. It's a small slice of heaven just 45 minutes east of Philadelphia. 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day Beautiful

Happy Mother’s Day Beautiful

Choose Wisely

Hello blogger world... This is Kate's husband. Today is my wife's first Mother's Day and to me it is one of the most important days of the year... Today I celebrate the wisest decision of my life.

I chose the heading "choose wisely" from one of my and my wife's favorite people to listen to while traveling this great country of ours (Dr. Laura). In short, it means when choosing someone to spend a life with and start a family it is important to be very selective of whom you choose. It is in fact, the single most important decision you will ever make. I couldn't have married a more perfect woman to help raise a family with.


To my beautiful wife/forever girlfriend and mother to our son

In one word you are AMAZING! I couldn't have chosen a better wife, and more importantly, mother to our child. Our son is happy, healthy, bright, energetic and all around perfect. This is large part because of you. You're not only a full time mom, but you also work to bring home the bacon. The work you do inside and outside the home is truly remarkable and we are all so blessed to have you in our lives.  

Watching the interaction between you and our son is one of my favorite things in the world. Seeing you dance, laugh, play, teach, feed, hold and tuck him to sleep are true blessings. My heart is so full because you and the family we have created. There is nothing I love more then walking in the door from work to see you, Cali and our son playing in the living room. Coming home each day to the three of you is the most wonderful/beautiful thing in the world. 

From the very beginning when we first met in San Diego and fast forward to today, you have been nothing short of amazing. You're not only so incredibly beautiful (even in the mornings :-) but you are also so smart, fun, loving, caring, honest (sometimes too honest ;) and I could go on forever. You have a way of always finding the positive in every situation. Your positivity and belief in God's plan has made me a more positive person and I can never thank you enough for that. There are many people who think you were born under a lucky star. I believe that it is the ability to find the bright side of every situation combined with your positivity that has created all of your wonderful blessings. So it is because of you that we are also so blessed. 

Before I met you my world was very small. Because of you my world has grown tremendously. This is not just because of our many years of traveling the country and world together, but in fact because I was able to see the world as you saw it. It is because of you I find beauty in the open road traveling down a two lane highway in the middle of Kansas. It is because of you I can see the beauty of a single tree in the middle of a grassy field. Because of you, I find beauty in places and in things that I would have never looked twice at before. And it is because of you, our son will grow up to find the beauty in all that life has to offer.

Trace is one lucky kid to be able to call you mom. He will grow up to be an incredible man one day largely in part because of you. Your love and guidance throughout the course of his life will no doubtably lead him to a happy and fulfilled life. You're undoubtably the best mom in the world to our son and he is extremely blessed.

I know saying thank you is kind of weird to your wife, but seriously I can't thank you enough for all you have done for us and will continue to do for our family. You are truly the wisest decision I have ever made in my life. These past 6.5 years have been an incredible journey together - 40+ states, 30+ sporting stadiums/events, a dozen countries, cruises, vacations, breathtaking views, yummy meals, drives across country, events, beaches, mountains, building a house and most importantly starting a family. You're my co-worker, friend, wife and mother to our child. You're my rock and the glue that keeps our family going. You are truly nothing short of AMAZING!!!

Happy Mother's Day Honey

Bryan, Trace and Cali
It all started here in San Diego
It grew out on the open road
Catalina Island, CA is when I knew "I loved you" 
Asheville, NC is when you said "I love you"
Napa, CA you said, "yes"
Bringing home Cali is when officially became a family
May 2010 we vowed to spend a lifetime together 
We built our home to start a family
Aug 2011 we moved in
Oct 2012 our family was growing

June 26th 2013 You became a Mom
June 26th 2013 You became a Mother

Trace: "Happy Mother's Day Momma, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! xoxoxo