Monday, April 29, 2013

lake days have arrived

I know I've mentioned this before here and here (God was I ever thin and didn't appreciate it!), but on Cali's "bath days" we take her swimming at the lake.
You know. She swims. Gets all sandy. And then we come home to tubba time.
It's our spring, summer, early fall weekly routine.
We love watching her fetch sticks, chase squirrels and run into the lake for swim after swim.
A couple weeks ago I was out and about, so Calz and I met Bryan after work for a 'lil swim-a-roo-ski!

 * 30w0d

And my mom's in town for my baby shower!

Our baby is this long, wild!
* 31 weeks

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

bump update: week 30

It's so hard for me to believe that I will have my little boy in my arms in a mere 10 weeks. Seems like yesterday we were just finding out we were pregnant! But then I think about how we found out we were expecting about 2 weeks before Halloween... that seems like forever ago! I have enjoyed cooking my little turkey and providing him with the best oven possible and look forward to all that this last trimester has in store for us!

Due Date: June 28, 2013

Gender: Boy!

Movement: He's still moving often, but he's much more consistent with his movements. He's seemed to calm down quite a bit, I'm guessing because he's slowly running out of room in there! Before, I would quit counting kicks when I got to 100... now he kicks/moves much less. And I've noticed that although he does move on my left side, his movements primarily happen on my right side... which is where I'm carrying him. My belly is so lopsided!

Feeling: I love being pregnant. 'Nuff said! (see... I've already blocked out my hellish 1st trimester!)

Food Cravings: Thankfully, still no cravings. Bryan's stunned that I haven't sent him on a late night food run or called him on his way home from work requesting he pick up a particular food item for me. I'm kind of shocked also, as I really expected to experience cravings...

Food Aversions: salmon, most other fish and v8... still!

Clothes: I continue to be in a mix of clothing -- pre-maternity sundresses, lounging clothes and tops (the top in the above/below pictures I've had forever), maternity and regular clothes sized up. While back in CA I borrowed several of my mom's bra's... they'll get me through the remainder of the pregnancy.

Stretch Marks: No ma'am. And I'd like it to stay that way!

Sleep: So. Much. Better! I still wake up to use the restroom once or twice throughout the night, but my aches and pains have subsided and I, thankfully, am not experiencing leg cramps... yet. By the end of the day I'm just exhausted and am finding that I'm starting to go to sleep earlier and earlier.

Symptoms: frequent urination... like very frequent (thanks to baby boy sitting smack on my bladder), an unusual amount of daytime energy, faint linea nigra, slight pregnancy mask on forehead (my skintone is so uneven), tailbone pain, light heartburn, carrying on the right/lopsided, hand swelling... I'm afraid my wedding ring will have to come off soon :(

What I Miss: Salami. Salami. Salami! And having thin arms...

Best Moment: Taking my tummy to California for his 1st unofficial visit :)

Memorable Moments: 
* Week 28 - Measuring Ahead - My doctor informed me that, for the 3rd appointment in a row, I am measuring ahead. At 28w4d I was measuring 31 weeks. Yikes!
* Week 28 - Flight - I had a horrific flight out to California... nausea, vomiting, frequent urination... all while in the air
* Week 29 - Vacation - Spending a week back home in southern CA for the last time sans parenthood
* Week 29 - Baby slowing his movements down. And he seems to not like the limelight, just like his parents. He only lets his Daddy and my mom feel him move... everyone else he disappears on. And, of course, Cali feels him move more than anyone else :)

Monday, April 22, 2013

there's no place like home

We recently flew back to Orange County to spend a week with our parents and friends. It was a much needed trip home for both of us and will be our last one without children. We spent the whole week go go go. I don't think we stopped once! We had so much fun and miss the area terribly. There's really no place like home...


After a hellish 5 hour flight that included vomitting, many trips to the bathroom and horrible tailbone pain that left me standing in the back of the plane talking to the flight attendants for a good amount of time, we finally arrived. Our first stop? In N Out for lunch, obviously! (yes, I look exhausted and worn out... because I was)

From there we headed to Bryan's parents house (the house he grew up in). My parents came over to pick me up and whisked me to their house (the house I grew up in) for the night.

The next day I pulled myself together and headed back up to Bryan's house...

... but clearly stopped for Coffee Bean along the way!

Bryan's sweet dog is getting pretty old, so we took many pictures of them together... he's afraid he won't see him again and that's Bry's best bud :(

That same night we headed out to Northwood's to have dinner with Bryan's side of the family. They gifted the baby many things and sang happy birthday to me at the table. I was mortified, haha! And yes, I spilled on myself... twice... this belly sure does become a catch-all for food spillage ;)

Day 3 was spent at Bryan's good friend from childhood's wedding. Here you have Bry and his best friend dubbing as flower girls!

Gorgeous! Bry's on the far right...

Baby's 1st 'unofficial' wedding - Bryan had a blast with all of his friends from back home. I loved having all of his boys constantly touch my belly all night... they're such great guys, and so happy for us!

The bride and groom's first initials are Bryan's initials

I'm so glad Bryan's parents were there or else I would have spent the majority of the day by myself!

The next day we all went to the Angels game with our parents (horrible quality family photo, boo)

 I went to Ed's senior prom with him and he's still one of my closest friends! I had to go show him my baby bump... plus Bryan owed him $10 for losing some sports brackets thing, haha!

Stop numero dos at Coffee Bean!

Bryan even squeezed in a softball game, playing in his friends league for the night.

We spent our last afternoon having lunch/drinks at Las Brisas with my parents. Bryan convinced us to continue the party on the Laguna Beach Hotel's back patio -- the only 2 places I ever need to go in Laguna! It was a beautiful afternoon and made us miss home to no end! 

 My husband found the only girl on the beach laying out in a bikini for he and my dad too look at, but my mom had to get in on it, haha!

Toasting to the baby! Next time we're home HE'LL BE WITH US, eeeeek! So exciting... and scary!

And there you have it. Our trip back home...

* 29 weeks

Thursday, April 18, 2013

baby registry must haves

Since being pregnant, I have loved reading what other mom's registered for and what items they use regularly, so I figured I'd do a baby registry post also!


It has been 9 months since I published this post and my son is now 6 months old. I own, use and love every single one of the below products! I've added several more products to the original list that I posted, based on knowledge that I've acquired since becoming a mom. And best yet - If you don't want to fork out the dough on some of these items, peruse your local craiglist for some great deals!

Mom's One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book

Firefly, Linking Crab, Lots of Links

Baby Einstein Musical Jumper
This product has been recalled by the manufacturer due to a problem with the sun. We removed the sun very easily and feel comfortable moving forward with this jumper. Use at your own risk.

ERGO Sport Carrier

aden + anais security blankets