Thursday, May 30, 2013

our 3rd anniverary celebration

Our anniversary fell on a Wednesday this year and being that we both worked, we opted to stay close to home and go to our old stand-by, North Harbor Club, for our celebratory dinner. 

the lighting on our faces is beyond horrible, but this is the only photo we took

Not to bad for an "old stay-by" close to home, eh?

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

last lake day before baby

I know I keep talking about how exhausted I've become over the past couple of weeks - and I am - but in all honesty, I refuse to let it slow me down! Yes, I am listening to my body, elevating my feet and going to bed early. But I will not spend my last few weeks with just Bryan sitting on my couch. Nope. Not gonna happen. It's just not me to let life pass me by, therefore we headed out on the lake for a fun day with some of our friends! I have totally embraced my body since being pregnant and it was nice to be in a bathing suit and not feel self conscience for once.. being pregnant is just so freeing!

Gotta love my lopsided belly :)

We are sopping wet thanks to the rain that came in outta no where and were forced to call our Sunday Funday short.

Next time we're out on the lake, we'll have our little guy in tow... Oh how I cannot wait!

Friday, May 24, 2013

how we choose to remember moore, ok

Fall 2011

This blog is a great resource for donation information and updates from a local. Check it out...

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

another year in the books...

3 years ago we were celebrating our wedding day at the Sand Dollar Estate in St. Thomas.
I waaaaaaanna gooooo baaaaack!

We are those people who can't believe how easy marriage is.
How easy our marriage has been thus far.
Choosing the right person has something to do with that.
So does the fact that we've had so much fun since we met back in San Diego.
Traveling to 40 states, 10 countries, on 3 cruises, going to 20ish NFL/MLB stadiums/games around the country, moving far away, building a house and making a baby helps to keep things fun and fresh!
Never have I ever doubted us. There's just nothing to doubt.
I don't know what our love languages are and I don't care.
We're ridiculously compatible. 
So take that popular love language book. We don't need you.
Loving each other is a given. But liking each other can be questionable for some couples.
We often tell each other how much we "like" each other.
Because it's true. I really like who I get to spend my life with.
And I know I'll like him forever. It's just easy.
He's just easy..... I mean.......... ;)

Monday, May 20, 2013

Bump Update: Week 34

I started off week 32 with high energy and feeling like myself. I cleaned all of our little stud's clothes, organized his drawers and closet and was just overly productive when it came to him. I was still able to meet up with friends and do normal Kate things. Come week 34 ii was like I had an alien living inside me. Oh wait, I kinda do. Call it mother's intuition, but I know that he's just the most precious alien ever! Anyhow... I'm exhausted. Like, so exhausted I can't even remember what it felt like not to be. I still need to get everyday things done, but man, at the end of the day I. Am. Done! I'm doing my best not to let this slow me down though -- Bryan and I have committed ourselves to many more date nights than usual, staying home and enjoying our time with just each other and soaking up every last moment with our closest friends. In 6 weeks or less, life's a changin'! 

Due Date: June 28, 2013

Gender: I foresee lots of playing in the dirt, with trucks and Legos in my future -- He's a boy!

Movement: Our little guy is a silly one. He loves to move all around, but when you go to watch my belly move... he stops. I think he's either playing games with me or letting me know who's in control now. Haha! Either way, I think he's the best thing since sliced bread... I just wish he would let me watch him move in my belly more. Also, he's so active right when I wake up in the morning and after I wind down and am ready for bed at night. Bryan and I lay on the couch snuggling and Bry keeps his hand on my stomach, prepared for any movement to happen. The baby always moves for him at night... for a good hour or so. He kicks, hits, flutters, sways, repositions and sometimes has hiccups.

Feeling: From the second I wake up until I go to bed, I'm exhausted. This is new for me, being that I've had an exceptional amount of energy these past several months. I'm trying not to let it slow me down much, but come evening-time my body is hating me. 
I push myself so hard to be "normal" - drinks/dinner with friends, a packed schedule, Bryan's weekly softball games, date nights, shopping, etc - but I am left so tired and in so much pain (my lower abdomen feels like it's going to split open) that I'm beginning to question if those days are over. I need to start pacing myself better...

Food Cravings: Although I don't have any cravings, I want to report some items that I always have in the house -- watermelon, red meat (steaks/burgers), low fat vanilla frozen yogurt with chocolate fudge magic shell, vanilla Greek yogurt, whole grain english muffin with peanut butter and honey (my daily breakfast), red apples with sharp cheddar cheese, water water water (I'm still drinking 90oz./day), organic milk with dinner and Amy's Organic Light & Lean Spaghetti (it's vegan with no preservatives)

Food Aversions: salmon, v8

Clothes: I am rocking the crap out of all of my sundresses that fit me. Other than that, I'm in maternity jeans and tank tops a lot too.

Stretch Marks: None, fingers crossed...

Sleep: Sleep is slowly getting more and more comfortable now that he's not resting on my bladder as much. I'm still up twice/night going to the bathroom. I'm so front heavy that it's hard for me to turn from side to side while sleeping... I pretty much have to hoist my stomach over with my hands as I turn. It probably looks really funny, but I'm far to exhausted to care.

Symptoms: frequent urination... like very frequent (thanks to baby boy sitting smack on my bladder), good daytime energy, low energy in the evenings, faint linea nigra, pregnancy mask on forehead (my skintone is so uneven), tailbone pain, light heartburn, carrying on the right/lopsided, carrying very low, hand swelling... I'm afraid my wedding ring will have to come off soon :(

What I Miss: salami, hot dogs, my pre-pregnancy wardrobe, travel, having high energy

Best Moment: Getting our little stud's clothes, sheets, blankets, burp cloths and toys cleaned, orgnanized and put away

Memorable Moments: 

32 weeks - FatigueFatigue hasn't slowly entered back into the picture. No. It's come plowing in like a freight train. With all of our little guys rapid growth that's taking place, it sure is draining his mama!
32 weeks - Heisman Pose - This is what the baby does to me all throughout the day... on my bladder!!
32 weeks 2 days - Clean Clothes - All of the babies clothes have been washed and are ready for him!
32 weeks 3 days - In-Laws - It was reconfirmed, yet again, what an amazing family I married into! No wonder my husband turned out to be such a loving, humble, generous man with the biggest of hearts...
32 weeks 4 days - Pediatrician Interviews - I had interviews set up with 2 different practices in my area
33 weeks - Appointment - The baby is only measuring 1 week ahead, which in my doctors opinion is "right on track." His heart rate was 152 bpm. My blood pressure was 110:60 and I only gained 1lb since my last appt. 2.5 weeks ago. I got a tetanus with protesis shot and was told that he is "probably" head down
33 weeks 5 days - Exhaustion - Fatigue has taken on a whole new meaning... I am beyond exhausted come the end of the day. It's worse than 1st trimester exhaustion!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

you ask, i answer: pregnancy edition

Now that I've gotten through the bulk of my pregnancy and am sitting comfortably in my 3rd trimester, I'd love to open my blog up to questions about anything I haven't covered in my bump updates, anything you'd like me to eleborate on, anything you're curious about, anything regarding this journey we've been on and/or the journey we'll soon be embarking on. Anything else? Ask away! Anything is the name of the game... :)

Leave your questions in the comments section below or e-mail me at

I'll answer your questions in a post at a later date...

Monday, May 13, 2013

weekend recap

Friday began with the shear reality of "your life will never be the same."
I am so ready for it to never be the same, yet I'm morning my old life just a little bit.
My ob check-up that afternoon helped bring everything back to perspective though.
Hearing your unborn childs perfect heartbeat will do that to ya!
That night Bryan and I had dinner at Dresslers and then met up with some friends at a local wine bar.
Maran showed up in this sexy jumpsuit and my jaw almost hit the floor. Holy hotness chica!
And considering how I can't drink, I proceeded to request my water in a wine glass. Duh!

7 weeks til my due date and I'm at a wine bar until around midnight? Go me!

Saturday was go go go!
We woke up early to our neighborhood garage sale, sold some crap and made a good $75.00. 
Then we jetted off to our "Preparing to Parent Newborns" class at the hospital.
I spent that evening at  Concord Mills with Anna, who is in town for the next 2 weeks.
Needless to say, come nightfall I was pooped and was in bed at 9:00pm.


Mothers-to be-Day was more than I could have asked for. 
Personally, I think it's silly to celebrate Mother's Day before you're technically a mom.
Lucky for me, I have a lot of people in my life who feel otherwise!
Bryan gave a me a sweet card with even sweeter words written in it.
My mother-in-law sent me a card that included a check... for me to do something for only myself with, which is extremely rare these days. She suggested a pedicure - and that's just what I'll get!
And Beth. Oh sweet Beth... She is the most thoughful friend.
Beth mailed me a handwritten note that brought me to tears, as well as the book "Love You Forever."

Yesterday we headed to our neighborhood Starbucks in Birkdale Village to people watch with Cali.
As I neared the front of the line, the guy in front of me asked me what I was going to order.
I told him a smoothie and he expressed to the barrista that he was buying my smoothie.
Then he wished me a Happy Mother's Day.
I thanked him profusely, walked outside to Bryan and Cali and started to cry.
What a kind and generous gesture from a complete stranger.
I mean, I'm not even techinically a mom yet.
Just when you question mankind and what this world is coming to, you run into people like him.
Makes me so grateful to have the opportunity to raise a little boy into a kind and generous man.

* 33 weeks

Friday, May 10, 2013

i will be her again

If I'm being totally honest, I'm currently coveting this look and attitude of mine.
I'm pretty sure this was just about 1 month before I became pregnant.
I'm missing being blonde and thin and carefree these days.
Cant wait to be this girl again... because I will be her again, just with less jewelry.

And lucky me!
Not only do I get to have a hot husband, I also get to have an adorable little stud as my sidekick...

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

bump update: week 32

When I first became pregnant I remember thinking that I'll be 32 years old when I'm 32 weeks along... that felt so far off in the distance and I can't believe that time is actually here! I have 8 weeks, at most, left... and can hardly believe it. I am so excited for the birth of my son, but I must admit that I'm really starting to stress about everything under the sun... from finances to cherishing these last few weeks with just Bryan to managing our parents expectations when the baby comes.... it's all so stressful and keeps me up at night! But all in all, I'm so very thankful for where I am in life and for who we have in our lives. Very soon our little family is going to consist of 3... and Cali.... and I have to keep my eye on the prize -- my 1st child!

Due Date: June 28, 2013

Gender: All things blue!

Movement: Very consistent. Some major jolts throughout the day, but it's obvious that he really likes morning and nighttime... that's when he moves the most. Other than that, his movements look like a minor earthquake eruption taking place. Lots of shaking and rolling of my stomach. I'm pretty sure Cali feels him move more than anyone else :) Also, I don't know for sure, but based on his movement patterns I think he's flipped and is head down, but what do I know...

Feeling: I seem to go go go for days in a row... and then I crash. I'm also starting to feel the reality of what is about to happen, and to be complately honest, I'm nervous.

Food Cravings: None

Food Aversions: Salmon, most all fish and v8

Clothes: Still a mix of pre-pregnancy, new regular clothes sized up and maternity. I'm loving that it's sundress weather and I'm able to wear all of my sundresses again... jeans are getting to be so constricting!

Stretch Marks: Not yet...

Sleep: Sleep is iffy. Some nights I only wake up to pee twice, whereas other nights I'm up peeing all the time, moving around or even wide awake for an hour. I can say that I haven't slept through the entire night in at least a month now.

Symptoms: Frequent urination... like very frequent (thanks to baby boy sitting smack on my bladder). An unusual amount of daytime energy. Faint linea nigra. Pregnancy mask on forehead (my skintone is so uneven). Tailbone pain while sitting. Heartburn is increasingly getting worse. It's getting harder and harder to get up off the couch (I'm so front heavy!). Feeling more fatigue in the evenings. Carrying on the right/lopsided. Hand swelling... I'm afraid my wedding ring will have to come off soon :(

What I Miss: Sunny side up eggs, Eggs Benedict, salami, hot dogs

Best Moment: Having all of my special ladies at my baby shower, 7 of whom came in from out of state for little-ol'-me!

Memorable Moments: 
* 30 weeks - Nursery Progress - The nursery is 90% finished! I still have a few more things to tweak, a fun diy that my friend is helping with and have to decide on a glider... after that it'll be pretty much finished with the "newborn" nursery... once he's mobel some things will have to change. Just call me "Captain get 'er done!"
* 30 weeks - Appointment - My mom was in town and able to go with me. She heard the heartbeat and cried... it was so cute! Everything with my little guy looked great :)
* 31 weeks - Baby Shower - I still can't believe that so many came in from out of state (CA, PA, DC and MO) for me and the baby. Warms my heart to know end!
* 31 weeks 5 days - Braxton Hicks - After a long day of running errands and being on my feet, my 1st experience with Braxton Hicks contractions happened and oh...emm...geeee, those sharp darts of pain hurt! But I haven't felt them since, so maybe it wasn't Braxton Hicks, hmmm...

Aaaaaaaand... who doesn't love an awkward outtake? Yikes!

Cali Update: Cali deserves an update because she's just too darn cute! We're pretty positive that she thinks the nursery is for her... a doggy playroom of sorts. She wants to play with all of his stuffed animals and cocks her head, so intrigued, when we press the buttons on some of his stuffed animals and make them "talk." She's obsessed with his toy bin and often tries to take toys out of it to play with. Heaven forbit we squeak one of the babies squeaker toys... she' goes nuts, thinking it's for her and wanting to play with it so bad. I often catch her laying on his activity mat, trying to take a little nap. Or she'll bat her paws at everything hanging on the mat and it's the cutest thing ever! I put her in the babies crib to sniff it out and she was so content in there that she laid right down. Calz has been my little helper -- every time I'm in the nursery hanging clothes, organizing items, etc... she's right by my side. I'm still not convinced she's going to immediately love the newest addition to our family, but I think, with time, she's going to be just as protective and loving with him as we will be.

Monday, May 6, 2013

my baby shower

My mom threw me a lovely and intimate baby shower, of which began with brunch at North Harbor Club on the lake and concluded at my house for drinks, dessert, games and gifts. 7 very important ladies came in from out of state (CA, PA, DC, MO and SC) to partake in the festivities and mingle with me and my best NC girls. Our little boy sure is loved!

I loved all of the decorations!

 And, of course, I had to get photos with my mom, aunt, cousin and friends.

Shannon drove in from Washington DC and I loved every second I had with her... So glad she came back with her dog, Cali's best friend, later that night for a playdate!

Ashton made this beautiful diaper cake from scratch. I never knew diaper cakes could be so classy and I'm not sure I'll ever be able to dismantle it! Although those are Pampers, so I won't be letting them go to waste :)

Anna is from Missouri but is currently on the road (she does what Bryan and I used to do for work) with Coca Cola and NASCAR... Our new bumps met for the 1st time -- her 2 and my 1 ;)

It was so great to have all of my special ladies celebrating our baby boy!

* 31w2d

Friday, May 3, 2013

baby boy nursery inspiration

There is so much to think about when decorating a room from scratch and this little baby boy has me decorating in navy's and dark browns, dusty turquoise, green, khaki and white with hits of yellow. I really want him to have a bright, fun room balanced with tranquil colors. It doesn't have to look perfect or break the bank, but it does have to inspire creativity within him. I want those little eyes darting from one color to another... I want to see the wheels turning in his tiny head all while chillin' in a peaceful space... So here you have it, a beach inspired room!

Nursery Inspiration
Nursery Inspiration by katehg7 featuring navy blue shoes