Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Day

Bryan and I celebrated Christmas day with both of our parents at my parents house... and the house I grew up in.
Our families couldn't be more different, but they get along well enough that holidays are a no brainer for us -- of course we all spend them together!
Our dad's watch sports.
Our mom's laugh hysterically and chit chat away.
It's always easy, which is incredibly nice for Bry and I!
My mom and I decided to go for a wintery look with our attire this year... we thought we looked smashing, HA!! Cali was O.U.T out!
Her new thing is that she locks her elbows/knee caps *whatever they are on a dog* when she sleeps, so her legs stick straight up in the air. If I try to bend them and relax them, they fling back up straight... she's so cute :)

My mom, mother in law and Great Aunt chirpin' away in the kitchen Bryan and his momma My mom's delishes Christmas dinner
Yep, I was sleepy after dinner and I'm not embarrassed.
Cali looks to be glaring at the camera, as if to say "leave my momma alone!"My dad's snuggy is a BIG hit this year... apparently his face was cold too!
In the next photo, he gave the camera "the" finger... yeah, I left that one out of the blog, HA!!
The days leading up to our Christmas celebrations I spent sick in bed, on my death bed... it was awful!
I wasted a lot of time, so now we're both trying to make up for it.
Yesterday was dinner at our favorite sushi restaurant in Laguna Beach.
Today was an afternoon in Huntington Beach with Cali and then some beach-time in Newport.
Tonight was dinner at Bryan's parents house.
Tomorrow is a pedicure with my mom and then dinner out at one of my favorite restaurants with my parents.
Wednesday we head to San Diego for a couple days....
We're trying to cram so much into the 10 days we have here and are quickly realizing that when we come home to Orange County, we have to be here for at least 2 weeks. I mean, we haven't even seen any of our friends yet and we're not even sure we'll be able to. Boo!
Can time please slooooooow down? PA-LEASE!


  1. I think you and your husband had the most wintery apparel! :) You guys take great pictures together!

  2. Sounds like an amazing trip!!!!

  3. That is SO awesome that both families get along! I bet that makes everything SO much nicer!! You look beautiful!


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