Monday, December 6, 2010

Pit-Stop Home for 2 Nights

Bryan and I loaded up our 26ft truck at the warehouse in Atlanta so fast and then booked it up to Charlotte so that we could be at home for 2 nights with our little puppy.
Bryan hadn't really been home since August, so this was some much needed time home together for us!
I had just gotten into the shower when Bryan ran in screaming at me.
I didn't understand him because I had the fan on and the water was running...
He was yelling "It's snowing!"
I flung on my robe and ran into the family room to check it all out.
Now it wasn't much snow at all, but it definitely did snow for about 10 minutes.
The snow quickly turned into hail, which quickly turned into rain. Boring.
Here is some of the snow that stuck on our patio and our backyard area...

Later this same night I made dinner, we popped in a Christmas movie, ate some ice cream and cuddled on the couch with the lights off and candles lit.
It was such a relaxing and cozy night at home with our cute puppy.
Nights like this with my hottie hubby are my favorite!!!
I won't even pretend that Bryan enjoyed the movie because he sure didn't. He was so uninterested. I was annoyed by this, but he assured me that what he was enjoying was the cuddling part. Love him!
Our little princess waking up from her movie nap Cali loves to stretch on her Daddy... then she likes to claw the crap out of him. She thinks it's playing, but it hurts like a motha! Good thing she's a cutie...
Loving up on my girl before we head on outta town...
My little Steelers fan was ready for the big Steelers vs Ravens game later that night!
*thanks for the jersey Dad*
WE WON !!!
And yes, she's completely tongue kissing me in this picture... Bleck!
Shortly after this picture was taken, Bryan and I locked up our house and completed our treck up to Connecticut, which is where we are now and where we'll be for the next 2 weeks.
I wrote a very nice note to Hartford on my facebook page:
"Why hello Hartford, You sure are BRRRR-tastic!!! Please be kind to my nose, ears, lips, toes and finger tips while I work outside these next couple weeks. K? Thanks!"
I sure hope Hartford listens...

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