Thursday, December 30, 2010

Oh San Diego, how I've missed you!

Bryan and I hopped on the 5 and escaped south for a couple of days.
We had to work in San Diego, but I was also able to squeeze in some time with 2 of my best girlfriends, Molly and Sara.
I miss these girls SO insanely much!
I am desperate to make, cultivate and have friendships like the ones I with with these girls in Charlotte.
But because I'm never there, I'm just finding it so hard.
My day will come, and I will have an always-there-for-you... I-can-laugh-at-everything.... I-can-just-be-myself... fun and easy friendship in North Carolina.
In the meantime, I'm more than grateful for the wonderful friends I have on the west coast and for the few news ones that I've made on the east coast!
For laughs, here are 2 picks of me with my girls back when I lived in San Diego, we were all single and going out every weekend!

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