Wednesday, June 1, 2011

what i'm loving

I'm loving that although Bryan flew off to St. Louis at 7:00am on Friday, he was home at noon on Saturday. Just in time for our weekend fun!

I'm loving my new A.B.S swimsuit -- it's way cuter on me than on this pale manikin, hehe!

I'm loving the day we had out on the lake yesterday... just floatin' away and soakin' in the sun!

I'm loving that I'm heading back to San Francisco this week for a short couple of days!
I'm loving Bentley on The Bachelorette. He's a typical guy and Ashley's a typical girl when around him. I think it's funny and hope girls learn from her mistake because there are thousands of Bentley's out there just looking to play a girl. And if you're dumb enough to fall for it *Ashley* then I say more power to ya Bentley!
I'm loving that summer temps are here to stay! Call me crazy, but I'll take the crazy hot and humid weather just so I can have warm nights. Warm nights are to die for. Warm nights warm my heart. Bugs on the other hand... Bugs are something I'll never get used to. Bugs make me miss California...
I'm loving all of the fresh fruit smoothies I've been making lately. Nothin' like throwing an apple, banana, peach, necterine, strawberries and blueberries in a blender with a tad bit of milk, some Greek yogurt, spinach and lots of ice to cool you off mid-day!
I'm loving that I'll be here 1 week from today!I'm loving all of my followers and commenters. Really. I can't believe how much you all impact my life on a daily basis. Daily. Basis. This whole blogging thing started out just as me chronicling mine and Bryan's life for our mom's, but it's turned into so much more. It's my favorite hobby and is an extremely rewarding experience for me. One that I truly treasure. I feel like I've made many friends around the country because of it. And I love that Bryan really supports this hobby of mine, because from what I understand... some men just don't get it. But honestly, none of my friends get it either and I feel like they're really missing out on a great support system by not blogging. Anyhow, I'm so thankful for all of you and do my best to respond to every single 1 of your comments! Thank you for being you!!


  1. Great things to love today! I agree with you on the Bentley situation.... she was warned :)
    I also am loving the summer temps and glad they are here to stay!

    Have a great Wednesday!

  2. Bentley sucks. Enough said there. You have some great things on your list today. Happy Wednesday lady! :)

  3. Love that bathing suit! A smoothies sounds really good right about now... Yum!

  4. don't know what to say about Bentley. I agree with you...homegirl was WARNED about him. I mean come on...No other girls on the show have ever been warned about someone before.

    I heart the hot, humid weather too. I love me a warm night as well, I hate having to take a coat with me everywhere I go!

    and bugs...they def are bad in NC. I had a run-in with a roach yesterday after saying to like 3 people that I hadn't seen any lately. Ew.. Does CA really not have bugs?

  5. Oh what great things to love! That is the cutest bikini! I just love the color teal! I've been looking for a bandeau top bikini for quite some time, but haven't found one with enough "support" yet. Oh, and the picture of you and your hubs on the lake makes me want to just leave work on this HOT day and jump in the pool!

    Blogging Blondie

  6. Bentley is killing me. I love it. He is just being honest and playing the game. She is SO naive. She must be kicking herself.

  7. Raven is hilarious!!

    I love the bachlorette, your right bentley is playing the game and she is naive.

  8. Thanks for playing along!

    I love that suit...too cute!

  9. i hear ya on the blogging thing... my family doesn't know i blog and my bf saw all my new twitter convos with "hot girls" and was like, ummm are you a lesbian? i was like um, seriously??? hahhahaha... let him think what he wants, i love my bloggy friends!

    oh yeah, and raven rocks! love that girls blog! she's hilarious!

  10. Your blog is precious!!! Love that bathing suit. I have to admit, I kinda like Bentley as well, he definitely adds a little something to the show this season!!

  11. your blog is one of my absolute favorites! i really enjoy reading it!

  12. Ugh Bentley, as soon as they did his little intro in Salt Lake City, I got the creep/douchebag vibes from him. Guess I was right! And I may be the only girl, but I don't find him good looking!

  13. I absolutely love your description of Bentley. These lovin' posts of yours are my absolute favorite posts of yours - they capture your zeal for life!

  14. Can't believe the Memorial Day weekend (including Monday) had me so confused as to what day it was that I forgot to watch the Bachelorette - only able to watch posted highlights.

  15. I know...Ashley is totally embarassing herself!!!

    Oh my...

    And you are so beautiful!


  16. hahahaha!! I love Audrina, snakes and cleaning my bathroom HAHAHAHA!!!!!!

    HOW did I miss this? I never miss anything on your blog?!?! I must have been dead this day.

    I LOVE your new bathing suite! love that color you skinny b.

    LOVE that pic of you guys on the lake! seriously, we would all so be best friends. Rob grew up on the lake, has had a boat his whole life, and LIVES there in the summer. Total water dog. I can just picture two more floaties out there by your guys with mine and my husbands ass with drink in hand. I really think we need to make it a point to get together, seriously.

    haha LOVE that you are loving Bently and put in those "typical" words, SO very true. SO true.

    I'm LOVING your blog too! and love living vicariously thru you and all your awesome adventures!


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