Wednesday, June 8, 2011

i have a confession

I dispise talking on the phone.
Like, loathe it.
Isn't it girl code or something to like talking on the phone.
My mom loves it.
My friends all seem to really like it.
But I feel so awkward talking about myself and everything that's going on in my life.
I'd rather blog about it and add pictures for better understanding.
Sounds lame, but really -- I'd rather blog.
Oh how I wish all of my friends blogged.
I could actually see what they're doing in real time, as opposed to talking once in a while and trying to fit our whole lives into 1 conversation.
I hate that.
I love knowing what's going on in my friends life.
I get so happy for them when they're happy and I get pissed when they're pissed.
I just don't like talking on the phone.
And getting off the phone can sometimes be awkward too.
I mean, how do you get off the phone when you're done talking without having an actual excuse for getting off the phone.
I'm not someone who can talk for hours on end.
I'm good for about 20 minutes then am done.
And it's not because I don't want to know all about what's going on in my friends lives.
Because I do.
I really do.
I just don't like having a phone pressed up to my ear.
I don't like sitting in a room with the tv on mute.
I don't like knowing that in due time, I'm going to have to relive everything I've been through over the past week, month, etc on the call.
I don't enjoy talking about myself.
I enjoy blogging about myself though!
I wish my friends would just read my blog and tell me that they keep up with my blog, so I don't have to blab on and on about me.
I'd much rather listen to them talk.
I'm a good listener.
And I actually care about everything my friends say and everything that's going on in their lives.
I just don't like talking on the phone.
20 minutes max for this girl.
Friends -- Can you please start blogging? Please.
Mom, you're easy to talk to on the phone.
Wanna know why?
Because Nance (yes, I call my mom Nance. Pronounced Nanc. Oh, and I call me dad Dude. No joke. I really do) gets off the phone so abruptly and awkwardly and it's hilarious.
Once she's done with the convo she's really done.
She doesn't beat around the bush or slowly exit the conversation like I do.
(10 minutes into convo)
Me: I really need you to come out and help me with figuring out this whole house configuration and decorating.
Mom: Can we just talk about it and maybe get some ideas for different rooms?
Me: No. I need you to come out. Maybe this fall?
Mom: How about for Thanksgiving? It would be so fun to cook Thanksgiving dinner with you in your brand new kitchen.
Me: Oh brother, that sounds scary! But if you're doing the cooking then I'm in. Who knows though, we may be out of town. Our schedule's always so up in the air.
Mom: We'll see what you're doing at that time. I'll come out sometime this fall. Okay honey. I'll talk with you tomorrow. I love you. Bye.
That's how abrupt and not delicate my mom is when exiting phone conversations.
And she doesn't just do this to me.
She does this with everyone and it's pretty funny.
I wasn't done with the convo.
I mean, we had just started it.
But she was done and she got off the phone.
Classic Nance.
And in all honesty, I wish more phone conversations would end this way...


  1. Can I just tell you I breathed a sigh of relief that I'm not the only one (especially at this very moment) when I read your first line? Now off to read the rest...

  2. DITTO. I seriously hate talking on the Glad we have this cleared up if we ever become CLT besties. HAHA :)

  3. OMG I SO agree with rather blogging about life than talking about it, and trying to fit all the details of our whole life into one conversation. Blogging is a one-stop shop, when you think about it that way. And with pictures! And much more detail!

    My favorite line for getting off the phone is, "Talk to you soon." Abrupt, to the point, and doesn't give anyone the need to start saying, "Let's get together soon" (which doesn't happen without solid plans any way, so no point in saying it).

    By the way, your post is up on June's Uniquely Your City!

  4. I am not a phone fan either! I would rather email or text. Kind of sad. My friend Keri laughs because we would be in the middle of a story and out of no here I say "ok, talk to you later" and hang up. ha.

  5. I hate the phone too!!! I hate that I have to set aside an allotted time for a conversation that I know will last hours. It drives me crazy!!!
    I would much rather talk in person, send emails with photos, and blog. I'm so with you!!! Phone is not my bff.
    That's hilarious about your mom!!!! I totally laughed :-)

  6. I am very similar with the phone. Sometimes it can be nice to catch up via phone, but I hate the LONG convos. I wish everything could just be short and sweet. Your mom's convo is hilarious. My mom is sort of similar. :)

  7. I so agree with you! I am the exact same way. I don't enjoy talking on the phone very much anymore. I do because that is what everyone else does but blogging is so much easier.

    As for parents names, I have been calling them by their first name since High School. I totally relate. There comes a point when they aren't called by "pet names" anymore.

  8. I hate talking on the phone too except for like three people...I think cause I hear phones ring all day long at work and it just makes me cringe...

  9. Reading your blog makes me happy. I'd rather blog too. Such is life :)

  10. me too!!!! absolutely hate it, I usually ALWAYS push the ignore button on my phone unless it's my sisters or parents. oh yea, or my hubs.

    Your good for about 20 minutes? That's a long time in my book ha! do girls really talk on the phone for upwards of an hour!??!

    You need to tell me why you call your parents Nance and Dude. No mommy and daddy?? How did this come about?

  11. Ugh I hate the phone. The only time I ever call anyone is when I am driving and 5 minutes from home so I can say "Well, I'm just pulling into the driveway so I'm gonna go. Talk to you later!" 20 minutes is 4 times too long for me! I also hate at the end of the night with friends saying bye. Depending on who they are of course, do you say... ok well see ya soon! talk to ya later! gchat ya tomorrow! Obviously these are true for my close friends, but when hanging out with a new crowd its like wellllll theres a good chance i WONT see you soon, but hey! See ya maybe!

  12. not everyone likes the phone. i think it can be sort of irritating. if you're on the phone for a long period of time, that means you'll have to multi-task. blogging is MUCH better, i agree!

  13. I'm not a fan of the phone either. I'm super awkward on it!! I'd rather send an email or meet up in person to catch up:)

  14. I also NOT a phone person!! Sounds like you picked up your phone technique from Nance!

  15. I couldn't agree with you more.

    I started blogging so people could keep up with me when I moved because I NEVER answered phone calls. Awesome thing is that my friends know what's going on with me...

    .... sad thing is when you are sitting together in a group and are the only person who has no clue what's going on. I just kept saying "wait, you're doing what?!" I awarded myself a horrible friend badge for that one.

  16. I agree 100%. I despise talking on the phone. Like when you mentioned how you were bummed people didn't call you on your birthday and texted/FB instead, for me...I just don't call anyone ever. It's almost painful for me to call people because I dislike it so much. It just annoys me. Sometimes I don't respond to texts or FB msgs very well either. I swear I'm not anti social, but talking can just be super exhausting and usually, I have a million things to do.

  17. LOL hilarious! My husband is so awkward on the phone! Plus, he definitely ends the convo way to early similar to your mom. It drives me nuts haha!

  18. Hahah...I LOVE to talk on the phone and can for hours...with some people! But then there are tons of others that I'm dying to get off after the first minute. And while I do enjoy chatting often, I absolutely hate a ringing phone. At our house the phone rings nonstop and everyone knows I won't pick up. Even if I'm the only one home and it's right beside me..I'll let it go to the answering machine!

  19. I am breaking that girl code too! I always put em on speaker and go on and do something. I absolutely cannot just SIT there and talk!

  20. I am your (much older) soul sister. One of the best days of my life was last year when I got a new job complete with a secretary...she is my gatekeeper.

  21. I'm the SAME way! I've never liked to talk on the phone! Texting and blogging are much better :)

  22. Oh my gosh I thought I was the only one!! I seriously hate talking on the phone, all I can thinking about is what I would rather be doing! I am much more of an email girl!

  23. Apparently, you've started a new girl code! I hate the phone, too, and generally avoid it at all costs. I wish more of my family and friends read my blog. *sigh*

  24. new follower :)

    ugh! i despise talking on the phone. doesn't matter who it is. i hate it. i would rather text, email, facebook, or blog. talking on the phone is so awkward and i use to love it. now, i try to avoid it at all costs.


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