Thursday, June 23, 2011

randomness for the day

Someone googles "bryan and kate every mile a memory" or "every mile a memory kate" or "every mile a memory blog" everyday and I want to know who it is! I can see it in my stats... I know you like my blog and you don't want to follow it. I'm flattered that you check it out and clearly you're interested in our life... but who are you?! I'd love to know :)

Bryan got ejected from his Monday night softball game for getting into a "verbal" fight with some guy on the opposing team. Ejected. From a softball game. BaaHahahahaha!!!!! He was just about to leave the fields for the night when his team called him back. The other team said that it was a mutual arguement and that he didn't deserve to be ejected. Nice of them. So he was able to play in his 2nd playoff game of the night. LOL.... the boys got a temper, that's for sure!

I can't drink coffee on an empty stomach. It makes my tummy hurt. Badly. All day! My mom can't either. Could it be a genetics thing? Weird...

I do find things too personal/private for this blog. There's lots of life that never makes its way onto my blog. Even my day-to-day life never see's this blog. And family crap. And friend crap. And marriage crap. That stuff's too personal for the blog. Only the stuff I want documented. I know it seems like I put everything on here, buuuuut I don't :)

I hate doing my hair. Really. I do. And I can't believe that I have to do it until I die. Such a process... But honestly, now that I've caught my guy and married him -- doing my hair only happens about twice a week these days. I mean, he loves me for me, not for my hair style!

I don't eat red meat. But on occassion I break that rule! And that occassion was last week. We made London Broil.

Bryan and I have already named our unconceived children. Well, we have 2 name options for each sex. Children of which we're not planning on having for a very long time. But when the time comes, they've got names! And no, we don't really tell people these names because we aren't lookin' for anyone's opinions on them. My mom and Renee know though!
Although I have olive skin, if you were to ever see me with my make up off *which you never will* I have the most pale face. It's one shade of pale all over. No color at all, anywhere. And I barely have any eyebrows or eyelashes. I have to pencil in my brows and apply 2 coats of mascara to even remotely look like I have lashes. I'm envious of women with perfect eyebrows!

I need to buy a CSULB Alumni t-shirt stat. I graduated 8 years ago. Why have I never owned one?

Both my mom and mother-in-law liked my black nails. Well, they didn't exactly say they liked them, but they thought they looked much better than they had expected them to. I think I'm going to do it again this summer, but definitely not the toes. Toes will never be black again. Gross.

I can't believe how quickly our move in date is approaching. I'm going to blink and we're going to be living in our house!

Confession: I'm really actually sad to be leaving our apartment. It's the 1st place Bryan and I lived together. It's where we got Cali. It's where we left from to go to St. Thomas and it's where we came back to as a married couple. It's been the anchor in our married life. It's been our only home together. I love our apartment. It's really big. We have a patio out our back door with tons of grass for Cali. And the pool and gym are right there too. So close. I love having a pool and gym in my backyard. Yep, I'm sad to leave and I'm definitely going to cry...

I really like Lean Pockets and sugar free Fudgesickles. I think they cancel out the BBQ potato chips and Starbursts I eat.

I could never give up carbs and I don't ever want to. I'm fine with my body the way it is, pear shaped and all!

I got a $10 gift card to Amazon while in Houston last weekend. What should I buy?
One of my favorite things that I got for a wedding present was a Crate and Barrel pitcher with lemons on it that I had registered for. It was from my sister-in-law (brothers wife). She'll never know how much I love it because we don't talk, but I smile everytime I use it and think of her... Really, I do.

I'm about to pack my suitcase. I'm usually a pro at this, but I've decided that this time I am going to use a small suitcase. How do I pack such a tiny suitcase when I'm going away for such a long time? And what if I acquire things along the way... do I just ship a box home? Probably. I should expense that box too, huh? Yeah, I think I will.

We're going to be selling our current hutch and buffet with in the next month. We bought it for $1100 last year and it's beautiful, but we found one that we love and that matches our new dining room table for less than half the price. It costs $449. I love it when I like inexpensive things more than expensive things!

I think I need a new pair of sunglasses...

I also need a new pair of black Rainbows. Mine have worn so thin...

Our hardwood floors go in today or tomorrow - yippy skippy!


  1. There's people that read my blog and I want to know why the read because they don't even like me...totally doesn't make sense lol
    There's so much I don't share on my blog. No reason for me to share with the world a fight Tony and I got into. Or how people in my family are selfish and rude. Oh the list goes on lol
    I'm so with you on the hair thing lol I hate doing it, it takes way too long!!! Although it does bum Tony.
    So awesome that your move in date is approaching. So excited for you!!!! :)
    Sorry that you're not having a good day :( hope it gets better as the day goes on.
    Loved your randomness post!! :-)

  2. Great randomness!

    I CANNOT stand Emily. I have no idea why anyone likes her, anyone who wears that much make-up and has that color hair has to be fake inside as well.

    I love my Rainbow flip-flops. They have a Rainbow store on my street. I have no idea how it stays open all year.

    I want to see pictures of your new house!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Holy moly I dont even know where to start commenting!!! hahah

    Please tell me how you look at your stats like that? I mean clearly I know how to go to the stats page..but why can't I find out or see those details? do tell.

    That Emily stuff is VERY VERY interesting...hmm..

  4. Holy moly I dont even know where to start commenting!!! hahah

    Please tell me how you look at your stats like that? I mean clearly I know how to go to the stats page..but why can't I find out or see those details? do tell.

    That Emily stuff is VERY VERY interesting...hmm..

  5. Great post!!!

    I have no eyelashes either...

    You should take tons of pics of your appartment to document that part of your life and make a special album for it "where we began" or something... I have been meaning to do one of my old house, but havent got around to it yet, but I did take the pics!!

    Have a great day!!

  6. mannn I love reading all your random stuff. My face is super, super white too!

  7. I don't post everything either. Nor should you. Some things are better left a mystery and only known to those closest to you. P.S. - I can't drink coffee on an empty stomach either!

  8. Kate, you are cracking me up with all of your randomness! Has someone had their coffee today?! (And on a full stomach I hope?) So funny - I'm weird about drinking green tea on an empty stomach ... it makes me sneeze repeatedly!

    I get my blog name Googled daily as well, and I think it's my MOM :D

    Regarding Bryan getting ejected -- OMG are our husbands brothers?! I can totally see that happening to Ian. When he played softball on a league he would take it SO seriously like it was the Major Leagues (as I was in the stands drinking wine with girlfriends and cutting up)

    And lastly, I totally feel you on moving from the apartment. When Ian first moved from Charlotte down to Columbia (1 yr. later I'd join him, and 6 mos later we'd move back up to Charlotte!) I was heartbroken over him leaving his home. It was where we fell in love. It housed all of our memories. I couldn't walk in it without bursting into tears and then running into the kitchen so he wouldn't see me. But your new house is going to be SO. FABULOUS. And lots of new memories will be made.

    Sorry for the long response - let's do wine soon!

  9. Wow- that is a list! Ok let's see... I am a new follower :)
    -I also HATE doing my hair! Hate it, but I keep it long cause the hubby likes it that way.
    -I also have the all over pale face, except for the dark circles under my eyes, and I have black eyebrows and eyelashes so I look a little goth with no makeup on (ha!)
    -We had names picked out as well but when the little one came they completely changed- but it's awesome that you know what you want and stick with NOT telling anyone... you will HATE hearing everyones opinions on your childrens names... we didn't tell anyone E's name until she was born :)
    I love black nails- they always looks so shiney- but I go with a dark purple to ease up a little on the black.
    Would it be ok if I said I didn't know what black rainbows are?

    Happy Thursday!

  10. Babbling away and loved reading every word of this post. There's just so much, I don't know where to begin!!!

    People google my name to find my blog, but they spell it wrong?! WTF.

    Happy Thursday!

  11. omg i HATE doing my hair too!! Such a drag ugh

  12. Um, my husband too has been ejected from social sports ...and that sport would be an 85 year-old umpire. Sigh.

    I get the same stomach issues when drinking coffee on an empty stomach!!

    And yay for hardwood floors:)

  13. loved all of the randomness. just loved it! it's so neat learning different people's quarks.

    i hate doing my hair too. probably why i chopped it all off..but i still hate fixing it.

  14. uhm i totally hate doing my hair too! it takes so long! and that is super interesting about Emily!

  15. Love your list :)

    Doing my hair is one of my least favorite things to's just SO thick and takes forEVER to blow dry, straighten, and curl!

  16. Loving this random post. Too many things to comment on, but I will say the one thing that stands out - the Emily thing makes me sad. I knew she was too good to be true. :(

  17. Love randoms! :) Doing my hair is a pain too. :(

  18. I think Emily is pretty, and she came off as very sweet and with a sad story on the show. It's sad to hear that she is hunger famed on TV now bec of her time via the Bachelor... :(

  19. You are so funny - I love the way you write :) I do love your hair by the way.. you'll have to do a little blog post of a tutorial on how you do it because all I ever do is straighten mine and it is soo boring!


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