Thursday, June 16, 2011

houston for lincoln

I flew straight from Orange County to Houston to work the TEDxHouston conference on behalf of Lincoln.

Once checked into my hotel on the University of Houston's campus, I texted my mom's cousin, Jeannie, to let her know I was in town.

She told me that her and her husband had just left happy hour and that they were on their way to pick me up.

Yikes! I didn't even know we were hanging out.

It was so gracious of them to drop everything to see me so last minute!

They gave me about a 20 minute heads up, so I changed real quick and headed down to the lobby.

I kind of look like crap in these photos because it was a really long day, but whatever... we had an awesome night out!

Jeannie's daughter, Meggie, was out in River Oak at Sherlocks, so we met up with her there.

Meggie's 23 years old and her friends didn't believe that I was 30.

They were actually shocked!

Not gonna lie, it made me feel so good!! (but I do need to work on my forehead wrinkles.. any suggestions???)

The bar was huge and jam packed. Why? Because they had $1 drinks for happy hour.

And not just any drinks...
Bud Light, Miller Light, Coors Light and a variety of wine.

I spent a total of $4 and that included 2 glasses of wine for me, 1 glass for Jeannie and a $1 tip.

Love that place!!

After Sherlocks, Jeannie insisted that she take me to this other bar.

She swore that it was a bar unlike any I had ever been to.

I didn't believe her, but obliged.

Next thing you know we're dying laughing because this door in this empty parking lot opens up to a super swanky "secret" lounge in River Oak.

And she was right, it was a bar unlike any I had ever been to!

I have no clue how to describe it other than it's 2 levels and extremely dim lit.

Considered a "cheaters" bar, the upper level was full of groping.

The lower level has lounge tables.

Jeannie and her husband, Dan, explained that it was extremely popular with men in the oil industry. Men who had lots of money and mistresses.

Apprently most people who live in Houston don't even know it exists because they don't have a website and they don't advertise -- it's all word of mouth and it's very exclusive.

It was awesome!

This weekends work was fascinating.

We transported people to a behind the scenes tour of the Orange Show.

I don't really know what to say about this place either. I mean, the pictures speak for themselves.

This place is freaky, but locals think it's great! I thought it was scary as all hell.

Some man was obsessed with oranges and created his home into the Orange House, which he thought would draw more people that the Grand Canyon.

Um, okay!

He was a mail man and picked up scraps off the side of the road to create this house. He didn't buy anything and he built it all himself.

Mind you, there are no zoning laws in Houston.

None of his neighbors talked to him and he believed it was because all of the women wanted him and all of their husbands were jealous and angry about it.

He believed that if you ate 3 oranges a day and never smoke of drank you would live to be 100 years old.

He only lived to be 80.
Coo coo!

These are the tour guides. Freaky! My co-worker being one with nature and feeding a squirl a french fry out of his hand! We went out to an awesome Mexican restaurant with our boss, client and all of the guys too. I had a sangria margarita and thought I died and went to heaven. Too bad I could only have one! Yep. Sober driver right here, boo!
Houston has been one of my favorite places I've been this year.

It was just the freakiest, scariest and craziest place I've been and it was totally unexpected.

I had no clue so many nut-jobs live there!

I laughed the whole way through the weekend...

And I won't see these lovely ladies for quite some time, as I'm off to manage a new program.

I got so used to having my girl, Hollie, around every weekend that now I'm going through Hollie withdrawls without her!! Friend, I know you're reading this -- miss you buddy! Come visit... we'll rent a boat for the day and you can help me figure out what to do with all of the space in my house. Please! OM.......
Although I had a blast, I had been away from Bryan and Cali for 10 days so I was missing home and my family and was just so ready to get home to them!!!


  1. being a 23 year old myself, I must say, I also did not know you were 30 or believe it!

    Umm that bar sounds so incredibly straight out of a tv show! if I ever date a guy from Houston, I plan to ask right off the bat if he knows about this place. I may need to reconsider the date if he says yes.

    Oh college bar drink specials... how I miss thee.

    Shoot now I sound like a drunk. I better go work and make myself feel useful.

    You're gorgeous


  2. Girl, this has to be one of your funniest posts. I've been to Houston once and that was enough. PS I don't think you could ever look bad! Great post!!

  3. You aren't lie. I would like birth certificate documentation to prove it.

    You don't have wrinkles problems you crazy! I use Olay's Age Defying night cream though on my face and I'm obsessed with it.

  4. I live in the HOuston area and we aren't all nut jobs!! But you are right, there are tons around!! Glad you had a great trip to HOUSTON!!!

  5. Wow! what a fascinating trip -- I would have been hesitant about the bar too -- it sounds so mobster style haha
    glad you had such a great trip -- and I PROMISE there are that many crazy people in most places, you just learn to ignore the ones in your neck of the country lol =)

  6. so glad you enjoyed Houston!!! It has been my home all my life and I love love love it. you are completely right. so many entertaining places AND people. I love Sherlock's, I go all the time but the secret bar.. I've heard of it but that is one place I do not go all the time! hah I'm so Glad you appreciated it for what it is.. I never understand people who don't like Houston!

  7. My mom had a friend that used to put one of those big bandaids on her forehead to get rid of the wrinkles - guess what, it didn't work! So, there's a suggestion what not to do. To late for me and the wrinkles - as my cousin said, "I've earned these wrinkles." Don't worry about them, you are beautiful - outside and inside!

  8. Wow ... what a hilarious post - how was I in Houston 15 months ago, not knowing that the Orange Show was right there too?! That place sounds wild, and I would definitely have to make a stop to partake in the craziness.

  9. born and raised in Houston...still live here...glad you enjoyed it :) I don't know if you have a Chuy's but if you don't you have to come back and have it! BEST sauce EVER!

  10. i am so glad you liked houston! not going to lie i was probably at sherlock's when you were there its my spot! and i'm glad you saw your secret bar, it is a cool place! hope you come back soon

  11. I am laughing so hard right now!!! All the nut jobs live in Texas , that's hilarious!!!!! Good thing I moved home to California lol lol!!!!
    I'm so eager to find out your new job!!!!
    Btw you totally do not look 30, I was shocked when you told me that. You always look great!!! So fashionable :)

  12. I don't think I would have beleived you were 30 either... you give me hope!
    Sounds like you had a fabulous trip.. that orange man sounds loco!

  13. What a weekend! I feel like a traveler via your blog :)

  14. Sounds like you had quite the adventures! And you definitely DON'T look 30!!

  15. don't you just LOVE it when young'ins don't believe we are 30? It makes me want to french kiss whoever says that. Really, I hate being 30 still.

    "I kind of look like crap in these pictures" oh WHATEVER. I don't even know how to respond to that, you are GORGEOUS IN EVERY PICTURE I SEE YOU IN!!!

    you are my kinda girl. I think I say that every time.


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