Tuesday, June 14, 2011

i need to get my priorties straight a sap

I want the Speedy 35 (maybe 30 if 35 seems too big) sans shoulder strap so bad!

How do I get over this craving and move on to something more practical to purchase -- like a dining room table... or a refrigerator... or a fence -- when all I can think about is how cute this Speedy would look on my arm? Ugh!


  1. Lol lol it must be a girl thing :) we went to the mall the other day and I made Tony come into the coach store and showed him the ones I want :)
    Then surprisingly we walked by LV store and he's like have you ever considered one of those? I said haven't thought much about it cuz ice always like coach. But the one you post above is super cute!! You like LV?
    I say splurge!!!! ;)

  2. hahahaa! I bought that a couple of months ago when I was supposed to be saving for our new furniture. It was waaay worth it :) Hubby might not think so...but I do!! I say get it!!

  3. hahah i have this problem too! sometimes we just need to get our priorities straight :( unfortunately i'm horrible at this.

    xo katie elizabeth

  4. Bah, what a dilemma! So often when I reflect on what I spend on clothes, etc I think to myself "I could have bought all this ________ with that money!"

  5. I think I'm the only girl NOT crazed about Louis V bags...I think that bag is HUGE LOL I hate carrying a heavy purse shopping let alone anywhere. But that's just me..to each their own PS pics of your new home are Fabulous Dah-ling!


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