Thursday, June 9, 2011

lake path pre-construction meeting

February 17, 2011

We had our pre-construction meeting with Jim, our builder, in mid February.

It was a looooong 3 hour meeting and we discussed every change we're making to the original floorplan and went over every decision we made at the Design Center.

We did a virtual walk-thru of our floorplan and saw our blueprints for the 1st time.

It was grueling. Really. It was.

From here on out there are no changes that are allowed to be made, so this meeting was extremely important, as we were able to bounce idea's off the builder and find out what we are able to do/add/change and what we just had to accept as is.

Every change has a cost associated with it.

Every upgrade has a cost associated with it.


But the good thing about our builder is that he said that he won't nickle and dime us. So like, since we're removing the linen closet from our master bath to extend the counter top and cabinets, he's not charging us anything because in his mind it all evens out.

I like his way of thinkin'!

We also found out the exact total of our home and are very pleased with where we're at, especially knowing how much more we're getting for our money here as opposed to what we'd be getting back in California.

!!! Lot 262..... sold... to us !!!

When we decided on our lot, we had the choice of about 15 lots and every lot on our street was still available.

We're really happy with our decision, as we wanted a lot of natural light, neighbors, no trees surrounding us and a good sized backyard.

We've met most of our neighbors and even have run into a couple of them, more than once, while out and about.

Our street is fairly young and we'll be flanked by some really great people.

On one side of us is a young married couple with no kids.

On the other side is a young, divorced dad.

We know everyone else around us and can't wait to move in!

Oh, and...
Check out how wide our lot is compared to the others... It's deep too.

Our backyard is HUGE and that green area behind our house is a little pond-like thing. It's dirty, but we love it!

It really is such a good neighborhood to be moving into, especially since we're in their final phase of building.

After us, tractors be gone!


  1. Thats so awesome!! I Cant wait to hear more updates on the construction :)

  2. Have you been taking pictures of the building process? You should post some if you did!! That is soo exciting!!! Can't wait to hear more about it!!

  3. how exciting! I love these stories and I can't wait to see the finished product with all your customization!

  4. Can't wait to see the final product of your house. It's going to be gorgeous. I agree with Ashley (two above). Post some pictures if you have taken them (which I am sure you have)!

  5. Seriously Im so excited for you!!!! Love hear about each step. Love how your documenting it all :)
    Cannot wait to see the final product. Do you know about when you get to move in?

  6. ooh how excited! that's great!!

    cant wait to hear alllll about it

  7. Yay!! I can't wait to follow along on this process, how fun

  8. Congratulations! It must have been great to have so many lots to choose from. I wish you an amazing life on Lake Path!

    xo katie elizabeth
    Oh, Heyy Life!

  9. How fun!

    Young divorced dad? Tell him you know a young divorced mom :)


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