Friday, June 10, 2011

shari's berries & stuff

My mom and dad sent Bryan and I the most perfect suprise for our anniversary -- gourmet dipped strawberries from San Diego's best Shari's Berries! Yep, they're all gone :)


  1. Those strawberries look sooo good! How do I not know about these when all my family is from SD?! Have a good weekend! -E

  2. OMG those are the best strawberries in the world!!!!
    My parents got them for us when we got engaged, Tony bought them for me on valentines day before.
    OMG I love them!!!!!!
    I'm sure you and Bryan totally enjoyed :-)
    Hope you've had a blast with your family. Too bad the weather has been shitty all week :(

    Side note last and final blog address change lol: :-)

  3. OK, those looks amazeballs. I freakin' love chocolate covered strawberries.

    ...and chocolate covered pretzels. actually anything chocolate covered. ps added you to my blog list..I thought you were before but I was a blog slacker.

  4. um, YUM. tell your parents that my anniversary is coming up soon, will ya?

    also, when you get the TIME to respond to me, since I know you are so BUSY with the parentals and all, what kind of phone did you get?? do you like it??

  5. I become more and more jealous of your jobs each time I read about a new city you're in.

    I can take a strawberry off your hands... ya know since hubs isn't there to eat them ; )


  6. Happy anniversary! I need to try some of those berries!

  7. Yum! Enjoy the rest of your time with your parents!

  8. I could definitely go for one of those strawberries about now. DELISH!

  9. So I have been dying to try these strawberries. My first name is Shari (spelled the exact same way) and my favorite thing ever is chocolate covered strawberries. Why didn't I come up with this company/concept? Hope you are enjoying yourself! :)

  10. Happy anniversary!! What a delicious and perfect anniversary present :) . So sweet of them to think of the two of you on your day!


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