Tuesday, June 7, 2011

san francisco for lincoln

I was in San Francisco this past weekend.

I was just here in April, but the weather was quite nicer this go around!

I gave a "personal drive experience" around the current Twitter building, the future Twitter building, EventBrite, the HUB, Sqaure and Foursquare building and ModCloth headquarters.

It was a good time.


This weeks Team Dinner was pretty damn funny.

The below picture is what our co-worker drew of Hollie and I on the table at dinner.


Notice that Hollie has a peg leg with a kick stand and I have a Heroine Drip, fangs, a knife in my hand and cuts on my arms and legs.

Perfect representation of us!After dinner we headed over to the Marriott rooftop barLincoln photoshoot down Lombard Street
View of the Bay Bridge out my hotel room window
Chillin at our hotel
Bryan and I were on tour with Colin and Dave for 3 months last fall. Remember? These guys are like family!
Sittin' on the dock of the bay. Watchin' the tide roll away.

Dinner at Osha


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