Thursday, June 30, 2011

Training in Maine

I spent the earlier part of the week at training in Portland, ME.
Portland is a very special place for Bryan and I.
It is where we 1st started working together years ago.
It is where we looked at engagement rings for the very 1st time.
It is where I got the call from my brother telling me that his son had been born and that I was an aunt again.
Bryan and I had a phone interview for a tour (that we got) with this company the same day we got engaged in Napa. Our company knew Bryan was proposing before even I did!
We have joked for years that our 1st home will be named Pierce because they will have helped us put money in the bank to purchase that 1st home.
(So now that we're building that house, I guess we should start referring to it as Pierce!)
Portland is a town of 1st's for us, and going along with this trend, this was the 1st time I was there without Bryan.


I hate that you have to fly on a tiny prop plane to get there. And when I say tiny, I mean tiny. It only had 9 rows, with 1 seat on each side of the isle. I was in the exit row, thank the Lord.

View out my window - scary!
I'm not afraid to fly, but man do I dislike these planes.
I have arrived!
And this was clearly my 1st stop. I know Dunkin can be found in many states, but there's something about it when you're in New England -- it just feels right.

View of the square from my companies window

My boss insisted she take me out to the lighthouse and I'm glad she did!

My favorite home decor and knick-knack store is here in Portland. Their store is so adorable that they don't allow cameras inside, so I had to do some window shopping.

After a wonderful dinner of lobster and scallops, my boss took me to this awesome hole-in-the-wall bar called The Porthole. I had water because yes, I was saving my calories for a waffle cone from the local ice cream shop. Priorities, right?!

My journey from Portland, ME to Glendale, CA has only just begun... Driving a 25 ft converted FedEx truck cross country with no radio and no AC takes a special person.
I may be a genius or I may be a dumby, the jury is still out on that one, haha!!
If ever you think I have a glamorous job, you couldn't be further from the truth.
I love my job to death, but it's far from glamorous and it's not for the faint-of-heart.
I was up to my knees at the warehouse yesterday in packing blankets, bungee cords and ratchet straps while packing my truck and dripping of sweat.
I get no help.
This is my responsibility.
And I deserve the responsibilty, as I've been doing this now for 7 years.
I felt like a boy while packing my truck and I loved it.
Feeling like a boy makes me feel like that much more of a stronger, well rounded, powerful woman.
I like that feeling!
My job provides me with life-changing experiences, an abundance of personal growth and daily challenges.
It's not glamorous, but it's exciting and rewarding.
Every Mile is A Memory.


  1. I've never been to Maine. I've always said it's one scenic state (that I Can tell from pictures or movies that were filmed there) I also hear it's quite cold year round!

  2. your job sounds pretty exciting, despite all the hard work... better than sitting at a computer desk all day everyday... and at least packing the truck gave you a really good workout!

    maine looks really pretty but i would NOT have enjoyed the prop plane either!

  3. so fun! I love when I have ownership over something at work, makes me feel like I'm really doing it my way. can't wait to hear about this cross-country journey and all the stops along the way!

  4. what a great trip, too bad your hubby couldn't join!
    I am headed to the East Coast tomorrow night, I cant wait to have a Dunkins coffee in my head Saturday Morning!!

  5. I love Portland! I have only been once a few years ago. I hope that one day I can be so happy in my life and job as you are!

  6. I'm a new follower! :) Love your blog!

  7. If you don't mind me asking, (since I am new to your blog!) where do you work? It looks like a beautiful place!

  8. my job has me feeling like a boy lots of the time. and i like it.

  9. I absolutely hate little planes like that! You can feel every single little bump in the sky. But so lucky you got to see the light house! I love visiting light houses!

  10. Portland looks like a beautiful place!

  11. never been to Maine. and everytime someone says Portland, I think of Portland, OR, since that is my fave place.

    I HATE TINY PROP PLANES! So scary. Rather not.

    Guess what. I have never ever not even once had dunkin donuts. They don't have them anywhere near where I reside and I've just never had them. Am I missin out???

    love your pics of Portland MAINE. You and your hubs, well, I say it every time so I wont tell you AGAIN how adorable I think you too are.

  12. Wow a touching post, Kate! House is looking great, and I love learning more about your travels. So what exactly do you do that you're physically packing a FedEx truck?

  13. that picture of you with the lighthouse in the background is GORGEOUS! Who wouldn't want to live there?! too cute!

  14. I've always wanted to go to Portland!!! I feel like I just went on a mini trip with you... window shopping and all!
    The DD comment made me laugh... I have a preference for DD over Starbucks it must be because I'm a New Englander.
    Glad you aren't going private... it just wouldn't be fair for only 100 of us to read your blog. I better have been one of them!!!LOL


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