Monday, January 31, 2011

Cali's 1st Birthday

I planned quite a fun day for Cali's 1st Birthday.
The weather was so warm, so we went for a really long walk at Latta Plantation.
The hike wraps it's way around the Catawba River, about 5-10 miles south of Lake Norman.
Cali loved her day out in nature!
And we even found a hidden beach for her to play in the freezing water
It was so remote that we let her off the leash and she just paced back and forth along the shore line and pounced in the water when she saw something floating
Such a beautiful January day
Catawba River
Cali saw some horses for the 1st time and she really wanted to join them on their treck
We all went out to lunch and sat on the patio of JD's, which Cal loves.
We came home and gave the birthday girl a turkey hot dog for lunch.
Later that day we brought her cake out...
And sang happy birthday to her.
Yes, we are SO those people.
And yes, Cali's doggy cake has a "1" candle in it!
It was seriously hilarious watching her go to town on the frosting!
Her cake was made out of peanut butter and banana's, so clearly I had to try it.
It was pretty bland... not bad at all!
I cut her cake into pieces and gave her a little triangle to devour
Pure heaven!
Shannon and Piper stopped by with a little present for Cal and we love everything, including the...Leopard Snuggie!!! LOVE IT!
And Cali's obsessed with her new toy we got her :)
All in all, Cali had a wonderful day and seemed confused over why she was getting so many treats and extra attention.
Happy 1st Birthday Miss Cali Hanah!


  1. Lol that was amazing. I love how much you love your doggie!!!!

  2. How cute! I love the snuggie, and all the stuff y'all did on her birthday!

  3. What a fun day for Ms. Cali and her parents. Like Russ said - next year she will be a teenager (in human years) - hope she doesn't get an attitude!

  4. Awwww that is sooo sweet!! Love the leopard print too!! I miss having a small dog! Glad she had a great day!

  5. Awww! What a fun day!! How cute that y'all made her a cake...that she could actually eat!

  6. Looks like a wonderful weekend! Happy birthday to your pup!!

  7. Happy Birthday to your pup! Looks like a wonderful way to celebrate!

  8. That is sooo adorable! Oh- I can't get over how stinking cute she is.. I want her! LOL. Glad to know you and your hubby love her to bits and pieces! All dogs deserve that lovin'! Happy 1st Cali!


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