Monday, January 17, 2011

House Hunting, Cupcakes and Asheville

Bryan's 29th birthday was so much fun.... for him and for me!
Cali made him breakfast and gave him the cutest card that she signed all by herself *okay, I traced her paw* Along with the card she gave him a little doggy stuffed animal that says 'I Love You' on it.
Bryan opened some little presents from moi and then we got cleaned up to go house hunting.
One of Bry's favorite things to do is house hunt because (a)he was a real estate agent back in CA, and (b)we are in the market to buy.
Well, low and behold... we found our dream community and are now moving forward... fingers crossed!
We worked up quite and appetite house hunting, so we headed up to Bryan's favorite pizza place for a few New York style slices. So good!
Once back home, I started my wifey duty of baking Bry his favorite cupcakes, funfetti!
Such a happy guy when he has a cupcake in hand!
Our 1st birthday celebration *of many* as husband and wife
For Bryan's birthday night we ate snacks, drank wine, chatted it up, watched Cali and her boyfriend terrorize each other and ate some yummy cupcakes!
Just before bed, we hopped online so that Bry's parents could wish him a Happy Birthday "face to face"
The next morning we drove up to the mountains to continue the birthday
celebration in Asheville.
We stopped for lunch at Veranda Cafe and did some shopping in Black Mountain's little historic main st area Later that night we had a romantic dinner at the spectacular Grove Park Inn and Resort in Asheville
The Grove Park Inn and Resort is one of the countries most celebrated resorts and is noted for understated elegance and southern charm.
Ten US Presidents and numerous celebrities from Hollywood and the sports world have stayed at this historic resort.
We will definitely be going back!
Largest fireplace I've ever seen flanked by an old fashioned lodge-type bar and darling rocking chairs
We did some wine tasting
Snow covered vineyard
We popped in for lunch at Olde Hickory Tap Room on our way home...
What a special birthday celebration for such a special guy.
I love you, honey... you're my favorite!


  1. Looks like he had a wonderful birthday!! That resort looks amazing!!

  2. WOW! What a special birthday weekend! Really hope to get to the east coast some day soon - go to Asheville with my favorite tour guides.

  3. Glad you had such a great weekend!! House hunting is sooo much fun! I am glad you have found your neighbourhood, but were there any houses forsale that you loved? Looks like your hubby had a great birthday! You guys are such a good-looking couple!!

  4. congrats on finding your dream community! i bet that is an amazing feeling :)
    your weekend sounds fabulous!!!! wine tasting and going up to the mountains, what an amazing time. :)
    funfetti is my all time fav was our wedding cake :)

  5. happy birthday to the hubby!

  6. I LOVE boyfriend and I were just there and while we walked around the Grove Park Inn we didn't eat there and I wish we had! Also, my great-grandmother lived in Black Mountain so it holds a special place in my heart!

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