Friday, January 7, 2011

Why I Blog

My very first blog entry was about our wedding.
I had no idea how to blog or how to even work blogger, but I figured I'd write my first blog about our wedding so that my blog could chronicle our marriage from day 1.
In the beginning I blogged for others, not myself.
I blogged for our families who live so far away and who are interested in mine and Bryan's day to day life.
I thought that blogging would be a fun way to keep us all connected and it really has.
Well, with time, I've realized that my blog has evolved.
I don't blog for our families anymore.
Sure, our mom's continue to read my blog, but I now blog for myself.
I've toyed around with the idea of starting a new blog, a blog where I can really be myself and say what's on mine and Bryan's mind... a blog that our families don't know about.. a blog that is a pure outlet for my thoughts.
Doubt I want to make time for it though...
My new reason for blogging is because Shannon over at Eat, Pray, Love... Live! told me that you can make a hard cover keepsake book out of your blog.
Hello, awesome!
I researched it a while back and am so excited about this because I am in no way a scrapbooker.
I'd rather poke my eye out than scrapbook.
But a book?
A book that will copy each blog entry and turn it into a beautiful keepsake for Bryan and I?
A book that would include our photographs, life-happenings and my thoughts?
Hell yeah... I'm in!
Each blog entry is a page in the story of our life together and I love that.
I love that I will be able to look back on this time in our lives and laugh... and think about how much has changed..... how much we've grown.
I love that this will be something that we can hand to our children one day.
The story of us.
Anyhow, I've seen many people leave nasty comments on others blogs.
I've also seen people judge other peoples blogs.
I don't get it.
Don't most of us blog for ourselves, about what's on our minds and what we want to put into the universe?
Why judge that?
Why judge what someone writes about on their blog?
Why judge? Period. It's such an ugly trait.
This is my blog, so I blog about what I want.
Why do you blog?


  1. Well said pal! ;-) Thanks for the shouts too. I do get very annoyed when people leave comments on others blogs ticked off that all they do is talk about themselves. Umm...hello? I had it happen to me with one of M's family friends and an army wife friend had it happen to her too recently. Some people...

  2. Love love LOVE this post!! Blogging is definitely something that I do for myself, too! I love the idea of making a book out of it. So cool!

  3. At first I was scared to start a blog because "who was going to read it?" Now, I love sharing my thoughts and love when family tell me how much they enjoy reading my blog!

  4. awesome post! l started my blog for that same reason, to give far away family members a glimpse of our life, but it has already become a hobby! Thanks for the idea about a blog book - love it!

  5. love it! i started my blog for myself, but it would be great for family and friends to check up and see whats going on in my life (if i decide to leave town haha) i also lovelovelove the idea of turning my blog into a book one day-- it could be sort of like a diary :)


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