Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Is It Weird That...? Wednesday

Is It Weird That...?I wasn't counting down the days to my wedding so that I could live out the happiest day of my life. I counted down the days to my wedding so that it would be over and I could live out the happiest days of my life with my husband, knowing that they were to come...


  1. I don't think its weird at all! Weddings, and planning them, can be very stressful!

  2. That is not weird at all! I can't wait to get married in general not for the wedding day :) x

  3. Definitely not weird!! The AFTER wedding part is actually get to live life with your love!!

  4. aw, i love this!!
    being married and having that one other special someone to share your life with makes life worth living :)
    my hubby is coaching a hockey game tonight and i'm just wishing he were home with me. ha, i'm an emotional preggo tonight ;)

  5. nope thats not weird. I was over wedding planning the moment I had to change my wedding date for the third time due to the military and their crazy crap :)


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