Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Smackin' Some Balls

Because the weather was so warm this weekend, we tried to spend as much time outside as possible.
Since tennis was my sport in high school and I love to get back on the court every now and then, we decided to go and hit balls with friends.
We have access to an awesome court that's on the lake.
Loves it!


  1. Its so great that you have fabulous weather to do activities outside! Everybody in my family is getting a bit of cabin fever with all of this snow, haha!

    I passed on an award for your fabulous blog! Check it out on my blog!

  2. How awesome! I used to play tennis. I hated it. Haha!

  3. I'm still trying to convince my boyfriend to get out on the court with me, I love to play, but I think he's afraid of not being got at it!

    I'm hosting a giveaway this week that I think you will like so be sure to check it out!


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