Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Visit from Dude

I can't believe that today is 1.11.11...
What'll even be more neat is 11.11.11!
My dad aka Dude was in Durham for work so he bee-bopped over to Charlotte for a weekend visit.
We had plans to go out to dinner, but it was freezing and football was on, so clearly we opted for take out from Red Rocks, TCBY and 6 hours of NFL football playoffs.
Pure heaven, I tell ya!
Seriously, how about the Seahawks? WOW, what a game! Not sure how I feel about them even making it to the playoffs, but I'm all about USC and Pete Carroll, so I'm super stoked to see him get that unbelievable win! Couldn't stop thinking about Reggie Bush playing Pete Carroll and the Heisman fiasco. And the Jets... ugh...... can't stand them. They're coach is a nightmarish douche, but so excited for my hometowner Mark Sanchez - way to represent MV buddy! Poor Peyton, I like that guy and his commercials...

Best line of the night went something like this...
Bryan: Did you just call me "sharp"?
Dude: Well you did land my daughter!
Me: Bah Hahahahaha!!!


  1. Aww the first picture is really cute :) x

  2. Mexican train rocks :) I am usually not a big "game" person and fell in love with one night. Because I got so into my sister-in law gave it to me for Christmas! :)

  3. Awww. Your dad is adorable reading the paper. HAHA

  4. thank you for stopping by my blog! I didn't see you in my follower list, but maybe google hasn't updated yet. I'm a newlywed too!

  5. oh! and my husband also said the same thing about 11.11.11.


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