Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ending the Year 1st Class All. The. Way.

Our 10 days back home in California came and went too quickly!
Before we knew it we were en route back to North Carolina.
So long California... Cali is the best little traveller!
She's now flown 6 times since we got her back in April, this being her 4th flight 1st class. Um, spoiled much?!
Nothing like free Bloody Mary at 8:00am to get the morning started!
How gorgeous are the Rockies?
more Rockies
Round 2 of Bloody's... Cali was out like a light!
Cali's a chick magnet and Bryan eats it up to no end! We had an amazing time back home, but are happy to now be home :)


  1. What airline did you fly that actually let you take your dog out of the carrier? I've never been allowed to do that!! But then again maybe bec you flew first class lol and not coach

  2. Glad you're home in NC S & S. Some day to fly 1st Class is on my Bucket List!

  3. I'm a new follower :)

    Great pics...happy new year :)

  4. Aren't you guys just the cutest!?!? Your puppy is precious. Glad you enjoyed the vacay!!! Cheers to 2011!

  5. New follower checking out your blog. What airlines did you fly?? SWA makes your doggie stay under the seat in front and my dog hated it :( It made for a long flight. And what did you pay for your dog to fly?


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