Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Bryan and I both sat down separately and completed the below statements -- it was a neat little project for us to find out more about ourselves and each other...


I Am... really lucky in life.

I Want... my parents to move to North Carolina yesterday.

I Have... a way about me in that I make people comfortable enough to open up and disclose all of their personal information to me even before they know a thing about me.

I Wish... that the next 10 years are as good as the last 10 have been.

I Hate... it when people belittle my job… Yes people, I have a real job and a real career path and I work really hard! Get over it that I don’t work a 9-5 52 weeks of the year.

I Fear... my parents death.

I Hear... Steel Magnolia on CMT.

I Search.... for more friendships in my new town.

I Wonder... all the time and about everything under the sun.

I Regret... that I allowed someone’s negativity to ruin several wonderful moments/days/weeks/months leading up to my wedding for me.

I Love...my little family of Bryan, myself and Cali making it on our own way out here in North Carolina.

I Ache... literally. I’m sore.

I Always...photograph everything because when all that’s said and done, memories are all we have… and with my awful memory I’m sure to forget it all.

I Usually...see the glass half full.

I Am Not... very domestic and I don’t long to be.

I Dance...all the time with Cali in the family room.

I Sing…with a horrendous voice that no one wants to hear.

I Never...say or do anything to deliberately hurt anyone’s feelings, but it happens anyhow.

I Rarely... go a day without cussing.

I Cry... when I’m happy, sad, mad, irritated, stressed, excited, touched and often at inopportune and embarrassing times.

I Am Not Always... confident enough for the world to see me without make up on in the winter months - scary.

I Lose...it when Bryan tells me that he and his brother agree that one of them should have died instead of their sister because their deaths would have been easier on their mom.

I'm Confused... to why more bad things don’t happen to bad people.

I Need... a glass of wine nearly every time Bryan and I talk seriously about building our house.

I Should... continue on with the path I’m on because so far so good.

Bryan:I Am... in love with my beautiful wife.

I Want... to land an amazing new job and have a childhood friend move to NC with me.

I Have... the perfect little family with my wife and dog, Cali .

I Wish... I could win the lotto so I can do a job I love as opposed to having to do a job for money.

I Hate...the fact my family & closest friends live 2500 miles away.

I Fear… being a failure as a husband.

I Hear... the wheels turning in my head about what it is that I really want.

I Search... for the real reason why I’m here.

I Wonder... what life has in store for me and Kate.

I Regret... my college years and not going away to college and parting more.

I Love... that I have such amazing friends, family and a wife who believes in me. Not to mention a roof over my head and a life filled with excitement.

I Ache... when I don’t work out for a week.

I Always... want more and I’m not sure why because I have so much.

I Usually... can’t sit still.

I Am Not... very outgoing when it comes to meeting new people and it has been a big downfall in my life.

I Dance... never… okay at a wedding here or there, but I have to have a good drink on.

I Sing... almost never unless it’s in my head or one line of a song.

I Never... want to get old and die.

I Rarely... go a day without picking my nose.

I Cry... more times than anyone might think.

I Am Not Always... the best husband, friend, son or brother but I love all of them with all my heart and would do anything for them.

I Lose... my cool when things don’t go my way.

I'm Confused... about what direction I want my career path to take.

I Need... a million bucks to fall from the sky.

I Should... be more grateful for what I do have and stop worrying about what I don’t have.

My Perfect World… I would touch as many lives as possible. I would have enough money so that I could provided for my family and most of all do the job that I want. What do I want…??? I truly want to volunteer more I want to be a big brother, not just to one kid but to many kids, I want to help build the homes for the less fortunate, I want to help those who need a job find a job or provided them with one. I just want to do more in life than just for myself and my family. I feel I have so much to give but zero time or money to give it and that’s what I TRULY WANT!


Aw, I love my husband and his sweet, sensative ways so much. I must admit, I learned some pretty awesome things about him thru this and love him even more because of it.

{I got this idea post from Sweet American Honey}


  1. loved learning about you and your hubby. such a great idea to have him do it too. :)

  2. Love the idea of having your husband do this too! Cute blog, newly following!


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