Friday, January 28, 2011

Husbands are the best!

Last night I couldn't control my thoughts.
I was on the computer.
I was watching American Idol.
I was talking to Bryan.
Nothing could get my mind off of cookies and cream ice cream.
To say I had a craving would be a gross understatement.
I was obsessed.
Bryan kept telling me to just go get some.
I was comfy in his robe with my hair in a wet braid and not a stitch of make up on my pastey face.
Me going to the store was not an option.
After about 20 minutes of me blurting out "ice cream" in every tone and voice I could think of, my hubby put on his shoes and coat and walked out the door.
Of course he had to give me some grief before he left and I screamed in my dorkiest voice "I love you" as he shut the door behind him.
When he walked back through the door not even 10 minutes later I said "You're awesome!"
He said "Why?"
I said "Um, for the ice cream."
He said "I got milk."
Ooooooh..... he's a funny one... and smart.
My guy got milk AND ice cream.
Not only did I get ice cream last night, but I got to have cereal this morning!
Hooray for awesome husbands who go to the grocery store at 8:30pm during AI's Nashville episode to please their wives.
I'm convinced he just wanted me to shut up.... or maybe he thought it would get him out of scratching my back.
Because yes, as I lay on Bryan's chest to fall asleep he scratches my back.
He's scratched my back every night since we've been together.
Because he wants to.
Whatever it was, I was in HEAVEN when he brought me the tub of ice cream with a little spoon!
Oh, and Bryan definitely dove in for a few bites too.
Husbands are the best!


  1. That's so sweet!! And that picture at the top makes me hungry :-)

  2. Husbands are the best, especially when they do sweet things like that!! M brought me home a lime slushie the other night on his way home from town, I hadn't even mentioned wanting one, it was like he just knew!

  3. i love that! my boyfriend will show up at home with diet coke and mac and cheese when we are out

  4. Awwww, what a sweet hubby!! I have done the exact same thing to mine poor man before. He now knows that anytime he is heading home, go ahead and stop and get me a diet coke. Haha!

  5. haha, i agree! husbands are the best :) you whine about something long enough, they just have to give in ;)

  6. yes they are the best...if they were home! :)


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