Thursday, March 3, 2011

top five i can't live without: travel edition

I'm so excited! I was tagged by Miss Lindsay of Vineyard Loveknots to list my top 5 things I cannot live without. Well, since I've done this before here, I've made this task more "me" by listing the:

Top 5 Things I Can't Live Without: Travel Edition
LL Bean Travel Kit
I own both the Large and Family Size bag and Bryan uses the Medium bag. You can pick your color and even have them monogrammed!
Pottery Barn Audra Jewlery Suitcase
I travel with the little 2 sided zipper suitcase on the bottom left of the picture. Bryan bought it as a gift for me and had a "K" monogrammed into the bottom corner. I love it!

Wet Bathing Suit Bag
This zipper bag is a serious necessity for when I am in the hot tub at night, but have a flight in the morning and my bathing suit isn't dry. Or for when I want to get some last minute playtme in in the ocean, but have to leave town later that day. Your swimsuit stays mildew free and this bag keeps all of your other clothes, shoes, socks in your suitcase dry.

Canon G12
A good camera is a definite must have!

Travel Size Lysol Spray
This little bottle costs nothing at the store and gives me so much piece of mind. It kills 99.9% of EVERYTHING! I spray it on the remote control 1st... and then on the toilet handle and door knobs. Think how often those surfaces get cleaned by housekeeping? Umm, never!
Tag, you're it!

Lindsay @ Sweet American Honey

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What are the Top Five Things You Can't Live Without?


  1. Girlfriend, about the LL Bean traveling brothers ex, nightmare of a gf used to bring this to our house when she stayed for the weekend haha and even though I hated to admit it I knew I had to have one..sooo LL Bean huh...THANK YOU hahaha.

  2. That spray is good idea -- I travel so much I've just pretty given up on fighting germs -- but the though of how dirty my hotel room is totally gives me the shivers. I need to get a bathing suit bag like that!

  3. as i was reading your post i was thiking what a cute idea, i so wanna steal it LOL then i got to the bottom and saw you tagged me. :)
    OMG I so have to get the wet bathing suit bag, where in the world do you get it?!? I so need one :)
    and the jewelry box from PB is super cute!! i always put minei n a ziplock...not the smartest idea huh? ;)

  4. I LOVE YOUR NEW LAYOUT!! PS I am kind of obsessed with that travel kit!

  5. Ew, I've never thought about the remote or the toilet handle. Now I'm grossed out. Haha! What a good idea to travel with that though, I'm a huge germophobe too!

    I love that jewelry case too, mine always gets tied up in knots or I can't find it and I'm just a mess.

  6. All of these are things that are really practical, but that I wouldn't ever think about. Thanks for the ideas!


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