Tuesday, March 8, 2011

american idol breakdown

Have you ever noticed that having a house guest sometimes gives you the swift kick in the butt that you needed?
To get out of the house.... To put a lil pep back in your step.. To do some deep cleaning.... To get out of a winter rut.
Colin, our former tour partner, is managing the 'Idol Across America' tour and came into town -- Yes. Yes. This is the AMERICAN IDOL tour!
His bus broke down late at night and had to be towed to a news station so that they could go live on the morning news.
He text us right before they went live on the FOX morning show and we for sure tuned in!
Because his AI bus had to be in the shop for the weekend, so he got a few extra days off and was able to spend them staying with us for the weekend.
It also got us out of the house enjoying the 70 degree weather on the lake!
Can't beat $1 Busch Light at Rusty Rudder Fox and Hound with Colin and his friends... it was so great to meet some new people in our city!
Linner at Latitude 36
Don't you just love the water, sand and palm tree's?!
We're so happy that the weather's starting to warm up and that we're able to enjoy the outdoors and lake again without freezing our behinds off.
I think that little ground hog got it right this year... early spring it is!


  1. Oh I just love how you guys live so close to the water - it is gorgeous!

  2. I just found your blog and was like 'that looks like the rudder'... then realized it WAS the rusty rudder! small world :) we live in mooresville... love your blog!


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