Monday, March 21, 2011

a special visit

Last week was one of the best weeks I've had in North Carolina so far.
My parents were here!
It was my mom's first time visiting us.
All she wanted to do were things that Bryan and I do regularily.
We all had such a great week together!
And I'm happy to report that both of my parents love the area and they 'get' why we love it so much here too!
Bry bought these gorgeous flowers for their arrival
My genius parents have never used front loaders before.
They mistook the dryer for the washer and thru soap power into the dryer.
Note to self -- always do laundry myself... even if it's others laundry!
I took my mom to Polished Nail Bar in south Charlotte.
She loved the unique experience and I loved hearing the girls who work their talk about Emily (from The Bachelor) being in there all the time and how reporters keep calling to get the scoop!
They give you wine, sangria or mimosa's
With 85 degree weather, lunch on the lake was a must!

Bry and I did everything we could to show my mom and dad what life out here will be like if/when they move here. We did so much in the little time they were here, and thankfully, they both walked away loving the area!

(more posts from their visit to come in the next couple days...)


  1. nice you got to spend time with your parents!

  2. So Emily Maynard via the Bachelor currently resides in Charlotte, NC? hmmmmm

    I wasn't sure which part of NC she was from!

  3. That is too funny about the dryer!!! Looks like you had a great weekend though!!!

  4. aren't moms just the best? and now i am dying to go to polished! (minus the 4 hour drive...)

  5. Can't wait to see more pics. Even more, can't wait to experience my own guided tour with Bryan & Kate - some day!


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