Thursday, March 10, 2011

local ladies... i need help

Road Trip!

We have a free night certificate at a Marriott that expires March 31st.

Where should we go for a night?

I'm stumpted.

Bryan's at a loss.

We don't know the area that well, so we don't know what's worth driving to.

And with these crazy gas prices, we only want to drive 2 hours or so from Charlotte.

We were just in Asheville, so we can probably scratch that off the list.

Any local ladies have an suggestions?


  1. What about Greenville? Think it may be farther than 2 hours though.

  2. Black Mountain, Boone, Blowing Rock, Flat Rock, Greensboro, Spartanburg? IDK. I have heard of things to do in all those places, though mostly mountain areas.

  3. Doing a really romantic evening downtown Charlotte sounds amazing to me. Yall could dress up all fancy and go to a really nice restaurant like OMG The Capital Grille. that is my FAVORITE place to eat downtown and then spend rest of the evening at Howl at the Moon in the epicenter which is a dueling piano bar my parents love. I haven't been able to go yet. You wouldn't have to worry about driving and oh my gosh I am making myself jealous. Besides you would have spent that money on gas anyways!

  4. Sorry, no suggestions! But wherever you go, hope you have a great trip!

  5. Hi my new LKN friend... :) I went to college in Boone, and honestly it's not as fun as Asheville (unless you're in college and more into playing beer pong in someone's basement) The fun night out in Charlotte sounds like a good idea... Or you could head to the Chapel Hill/Raleigh area. (about 2.5 hrs) Chapel Hill is a really fun town with cute shops and fun places to eat and good bars. Good luck!

  6. I'm not from there, but my Boyfriend is and he says Wilmington Beach!

  7. come to Raleigh...or maybe try out Columbia, SC, it's not that far from Charlotte right? Actually, Greensboro, NC is surprisingly charming too....


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