Wednesday, March 30, 2011

it's been 1 year...

... since we packed up our lives and left everything we knew to start this new journey together.

We left all of our family and friends.

We took a risk.

All so that we could attempt to live out our dream.

We're currently living out our dream.

We've now been living in the Carolina's for 1 year.

With our travels, we've actually only spent 7 months here, but none-the-less, this has consistently been our home base.

My, my... how time flies.

The transition from west coast to east coast has been easier than anticipated and we are so happy with where we've chosen to live.

Of course we miss California.

I lived there for 25 years and Bryan is 3rd generation Californian.

It's kind of sad that that part of our life is over because it made us who we are today, but being that both of our families are still there, there are many reasons to visit.

This whole "life" thing.... it's not always easy.

But it's so much easier when you've found someone to spend it with.

Happy 1 year anniversary North Carolina!


  1. CA misses you both - Cali, too, even though she's a NC gal!

  2. life is not always easy, but at least we do have our hubbys to spend our lives with :)

  3. I hear you! Last May, I moved from Ontario Canada out west to Alberta (I went opposite of you!). Its hard, its not easy and I miss home! I am also coming up on a year since the big move!


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