Monday, March 14, 2011

spring cleaning... in more ways than one

Yep. We detailed our apartment today.

And I mean DETAILed!

Wiped out the inside of the fridge, scrubbed down all of the window sills and steam cleaned the carpet, plus the usual dusting, mopping and bathroom cleaning.

Then I decided that it was a good time for me to clean out my closet.

Time for a purge.

This time my purge was a bit sentimental.

Kinda sad...

Everything I'm getting rid of fits me and is super cute, but the clothes belong to a former me.

They belong to the girl who loved to go out to the best clubs, bar hop with friends and grab drinks on a whim.

They belong to my mid-20s self.

And oh man was that a fun time in my life and these clothes, well... they are cute!

I kept asking myself 'Is this something a 30 year old would wear?'

If not, I pitched it!

But the clothes are now sitting in a trash bag until I figure out what to do with them.


Today was a BIG day of spring cleaning.

And more importantly it's just another step closer to closing out my 20s.


  1. You should try to do a blog sale... make some extra mulla.

    I did the big purge a few weeks ago, but I don't think I let go of everything I should have.

  2. Agree :) Closet sale on your blog!

  3. Need you to clean out my closets - I can't part with anything - have things I can wear (outdated) and things I can't - HELP!

  4. Its so hard letting go of cute tops and dresses that you love just because they don't fit "you" anymore. I've done it a few times myself, and always end up tucking away one or two tops or dresses.

  5. My house needs a clean like that before our baby is born! But it'll have to wait until after my oral exam at the end of march!

  6. I find it so hard to get rid of clothes! I'm the worst for hanging on to things!

  7. Anything you can send my way? hehe
    It's so hard to part with cute things that fit... I need to do some spring cleaning myself.

  8. just stumbled upon your blog and really like it, I'm a new follower! I did the same recently [purged the clothes of a former self...] oh life, funny how quickly things change!


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