Friday, March 25, 2011

cirque du soleil: totem

I suprised Shannon for her birthday and took her to see TOTEM.
I was in complete aw over the strength and raw talent of these performers and am just so glad that I got to see this amazing show.
Plus, girls nights are always a good time!My favorite part: these ubber talented and unbelievably strong trapeze artists I'll be working a sponsor's marketing campaign with TOTEM in a month or so, so it was great to get my eyeballs on the show and see the evolution of mankind, Cirque style!


  1. My mom absolutley loved this show. So funny you are from CA and moved to LKN. We are orginally from LKN moved to CA and now are back!

  2. Aren't those Cirque shows amazing?? I love watching them when we go to Las Vegas. I always find myself asking, how can those performers even DO that??!

  3. LOVE Cirque shows! So fun! And I love that it never gets old. Every show is different and AMAZING!

  4. You know, I've been wondering how this show is. I've seen two different Cirque acts in Vegas and loved them both. Totem is here in Baltimore now and we are thinking about going, but I was curious if anyone else had seen it. So thanks for posting this girl:)


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