Friday, October 21, 2011

columbia, mo: it was a football kinda weekend

Just like last fall, we recently spent time in Columbia, MO.
Last weekend was Mizzou's 100th Homecoming game -- according to everyone in Columbia, the University of Missouri invented homecoming. Fact or fiction, doesn't matter to me. This was, by far, the most crazy crowded, with every age group under the sun, college football game we've ever been to. The fans start tailgating early and don't stop until well after the game is over. The stadium holds about 70,000 people and there were probably another 30,000 outside the stadium tailgating while the game was being played. It was an awesome environment to be part of!

The next day the Chargers had a buy, so Bryan threw on his Steelers shirt for me and we headed to a sports bar to watch my beloveds get another W. After carding us when we ordered our first beer and 3 hours of dealing with us, as we were about to leave, our waiter said "So I have to ask, how is it that two Californian's are Steelers fans in Columbia, MO?" He had every reason to be puzzled...

I explained that "I'm originally from Pittsburgh, but grew up in California. Marrying into my family, he had to learn to love the Steelers... but he's a total Chargers fan!"

He's yummy!


  1. I wondered the same thing actually Kate haha

    Your job looks so fun... but I guess I'll find out first hand today : )

  2. you and your husband are so cute together. and if i didn't have a good gag reflex i would probably vom from the cuteness. TMI? maybe...but...that's what you get a WHOLE lot of when your friends with me missy...buckle up!

  3. you and bryan are too cute!! I love that photo of you and him. Your hair looks gorgeous!!! I really love that color. It's growing on me ;)

  4. Awesome!! I am from STL but the majority of my family and friends went to MIZZOU!!

  5. I love college football! Ya'll are too cute!

  6. Aww, cute post.. You guys are certainly adorable.. Love football..I am officially following ya with smiles.. : )) Found ya blog hopping around looking for new blogs.. : ))
    PS:I am happily reaching out to you to see if you would like to join in on Project Pink Blog Day October 30th.. A host of blogger's coming together to blog PINK for a day and rise for a cause.. I will LOVE to have you if possible.. Please read more here : (TY--loving your blog and will be back more.. : ))


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