Tuesday, October 11, 2011

historic fort worth with my dad

In case you couldn't tell already, I have the best Dad!
I really do.
For many reasons.
2 of which are:
(1) Back in August he flew from California to North Carolina to help Bryan and I move. This was not a business trip. He flew across the country to help us with heavy lifting and organizing -- nothing fun -- just to fly back 2 days later.
Best Dad!
(2) On his way to Nashville last week he purposefully scheduled himself an overnight layover in the city that Bryan and I were working in, all so that we could spend some time together.
Best Dad!

And where do you go when your whiskey drinkin' dad comes to visit?
To Historic Fort Worth, of course!
Bryan, my dad and myself have all been there several times, so we knew exactly the spot we needed to be -- H3 Ranch in The Stockyards!

And if your a country music fan, you've probably seen this Lee Ann Womack video... filmed in The Stockyards.
Fast forward to 2 mins 30 seconds.
Bam - H3 Ranch has a cameo.
I tell ya, it's amazing!


  1. Awesome! I just moved from the Fort Worth area about a year ago. A great song about that area is Stockyards by the Casey Donahew Band. Glad you go to see your Dad :) -e

  2. Your dad is too sweet!! I am glad you got to see him though!!

  3. what a sweet daddy you have. my dad is retired and never comes to visit me and i only live an hour away. :) your daddy loves his baby girl! :)

  4. Fort Worth is truly amazing! Love how you can go from up-ity (yup, that's a word) to cow town!

  5. The Stock Yards are fun! The last time I was in Dallas I didn't make it down there though.
    I was in Los Colinas for work.. just work. No fun :(

  6. I live about 5 minutes south of the Stockyards!! So fun :)

  7. This whole post I kept thinking how sexy your dark hair is looking, I love it! I know you've had it for a while now, but every day I like it more and more.


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